Diablo IV: Xbox Series X Beta | S and PS5, what about the Xbox One and PS4 versions? | Xbox One

Diablo IV It is a major series of Activision Blizzard. The 1997 hack’n’slash movie came close to seeing Episode 4 become a reality. In fact, it is now possible to pre-register in order to have the opportunity to participate in the following quizzes and tests. However, there is one interesting element: Where have the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions gone?

Turning the next generation?

when it was Advertising At the end of 2019, Diablo IV It was clearly announced as a PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It must be said that the current generation has just been announced and the development may have been at an advanced stage. The gameplay videos accompanying the announcement also showed very complete game stages, far from working draft.

At the time, however, Blizzard Entertainment indicated that the release wouldn’t be soon and that development would continue. Now it seems that the game has entered a new stage, since the official page of Pre-registration In the test and beta phases, it mentions PC via Battle.net, but also refers to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S.

Initial releases planned for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are simply gone! No hasty conclusion can be made at this time until Blizzard continues, but this absence is intriguing. However, it wouldn’t be surprising, because we were promised a powerful dark avatar technology that the previous generation could no longer support. The answer in the next BlizzCon?

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