Top 5 Videos of the Week: Horror with 3D printed parts

Top 5 Videos of the Week: Horror with 3D printed parts

On the last Sunday of March, 3D printing will bring us new surprises. To kick off this top five, we’re going to show you the news of the week: the liftoff of Terran 1, a 3D-printed rocket from Relativity Space. The launch was successful, but the goal was not achieved. We explain it all to you below. Next, we offer you a short course in the history of 3D printing. You know the technology, but do you know the person who is considered to be its creator, just answer with the video. The third video was posted by Markforge. The company announced that it has 3D-printed parts for a turbo-engined Thruster in collaboration with Larsen Motorsports. We wish you a happy Sunday!

Top 1: Boot from Terran 1: This Wednesday, at Cape Canaveral at 11:30 p.m. U.S. time, the Terran 1 relativistic space rocket blasted off into space. This is the first launch of a spacecraft made of 85% 3D printed parts. The takeoff was successful, but it did not achieve the goal of reaching orbit. A problem with the engine prevented the rocket from moving forward with the conquest of space. We still suggest you watch take off on video!

Top 2: A jester with 3D printed parts: Speed ​​fan? This video is made for you! Markforge has teamed up with Larsen Motorsports on 3D printing parts that are integrated into a turbojet engine. This vehicle was able to take advantage of an additionally machined steering wheel to improve the handling of this miniature rocket. Get ready, this video will blow your mind!

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Top 3: 3D Printing Course: 3D printing has been around for many years now. It has become more democratic and has become a reliable means of manufacturing in many sectors. But do you know who is considered its creator? To find out the answer, Tech Napa reveals the career of Charles Hull, the “father” of 3D printing.

TOP 4: 3D Printed Card: Videographer Ivan Mirada brings us a mini-series of videos where he reveals how he made a 3D printed card. In it, he installs the steering, chassis, seat and wheels. In the end, he’ll only need the engines and brakes to complete his Mario Kart video game-worthy car! It remains to be seen if the videographer will also use 3D printing to manufacture the remaining parts. To continue to the next episode…

Top 5: Is it possible to 3D print reinforced concrete? : Reinforced concrete is an essential component of the construction sector. It is a mixture of (logical) concrete and steel. The properties of the metal make it possible to obtain a stronger and more durable material, but extruding it is more complicated. From now on, it will be possible to 3D print this material. In any case, this is what Twente Additive Manufacturing explains. Myth or reality? The answer is below!

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