Android 13 smartphones will have better storage space… thanks in part to Huawei

Android 13 smartphones will use the file optimization technology originally developed by Huawei. Ironically, the phones that will be released will have to use them if they want to access Google services.

It’s a bit paradoxical, but it makes sense. Smartphones that will be released under Android 13It will need to use .’s EROFS file system format Huawei To read the sections if they want to access Google services and Play Store” advertisement Android Police. The point of The Google It is to speed up the download of updates and improve the storage space of smartphones sold with their operating system.

What is EROFS, the file system format developed by Huawei?

EROFS stands for Optimized Ready File System Onlywhich can be translated asImproved read-only file system. This is a system developed by Huawei for the core linux. It is intended to save storage space by using read-only file compression for Android smartphones. EROFS appeared a few years ago on Huawei products shipped with it EMUI 9.0.1 and later versions. It is also integrated into Linux kernel v5.4.

This system “Reduces app startup time by up to 22.9% while halving storage space usage According to one of the developers of EROFS. A priori, there is no shame in using this file system, at least according to Google, which uses it themselves.

Google imposes your hand

This is Mishaal Rahman fromEsper.ioWho discovered the changes in the mobile operating system as well as at the Google conference. If we don’t know much about the licensing requirements of the giant, we can learn more with the launch of Android 13. Google will thus force smartphone manufacturers to use the EROFS file system format developed by Huawei for read-only files. If they don’t want to comply, they can’t take advantage of Google services and the Play Store: in other words, it’s really a duty of brands to sell their phones without any issues.

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The system has already been implemented by many manufacturers such asOPPO or even xiaomi. According to RahmanThe Pixel 7 It will be among the first new phones to meet this requirement that will be imposed soon“.

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