Ukraine: End of war almost impossible after Russian annexation, says Borrell

European Foreign Minister Josep Borrell said on Saturday that Moscow’s annexation of four occupied Ukrainian territories makes ending the war in Ukraine “almost impossible”.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin declared on Friday that the annexation of the Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporizhia and Kherson regions would make “the end of the war more difficult, almost impossible,” Mr. Borrell declared on Spanish TV channel RTVE.

“Russia is losing” the war, “it has lost it morally and politically,” but “Ukraine has not yet won,” he analyzed a little later during a forum in La Toja, Galicia (northeast Spain), where he defended European sanctions against Moscow and military aid For Kiev, he called to persevere in this direction.

He begged that “we have to do better than that” and “make the world aware of the causes and consequences of this war,” noting that Brazil and India refrained from condemning Russia’s inclusion in the UN Security Council.

According to Josep Borrell, Europeans built a “garden” that was “enclosed in a forest”.

“If we don’t want the forest to invade the garden […]He warned that we would have to intervene, ”calling in particular Europe to strengthen its military arsenal. “This is not a whim […]It is necessary, necessary for survival.”

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