Amazing welcome given to the Portuguese players at the airport after their effort against Fiji

Amazing welcome given to the Portuguese players at the airport after their effort against Fiji

More than a thousand people gave an extraordinary welcome to the Portuguese rugby team upon its return after sealing its first ever World Cup victory against Fiji on Sunday evening.

A red tide swept through the lounge of Lisbon’s Humberto-Delgado Airport on Tuesday evening. To welcome the football players? No, the rugby team players celebrated like heroes on their return to the country, two days after achieving their first ever World Cup victory against Fiji (24-23). Flags, songs, crowds…more than a thousand people warmly congratulated Lobos.

The President of the Republic received him on Wednesday

“I am from Portugal, and I go everywhere to see you win,” the crowd chanted as French coach Patrice Lajesquet’s men appeared.

They were amazed to receive such a welcome. “Having that many people behind us is brutal,” Capt. Thomas Appleton told the numerous media members in attendance. “When we decided to go to the World Cup, we wanted to bring in new people and show what rugby can bring to these people’s lives. And to see so many people here, new generations, shows the impact of that.”

According to reports, the crowd was made up of many unknown people, as well as relatives, children, friends of the players and even former coach Tomaz Moraes. Hey Jojo.

The new champions will be received on Wednesday at Belém Palace by President of the Republic Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa. They should receive another applause on Friday during the football match between Portugal and Slovakia (8:45 p.m., Euro 2024 qualifiers), on Friday in Porto, where they were invited.

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Rugby players now want to build on their historic achievements and the significant progress they have made to move forward ambitiously. Appleton added: “Portugal has a lot of talent. We are ambitious, and we were not able to achieve another win, which is what we wanted.” “By continuing on this path we can aim to achieve more. The next World Cup starts next week, and we have a meeting.”

A message supported by Portuguese Rugby Federation President Carlos Amado da Silva. He said: “With preparation, and with the presence of a technical team, we can play with any team. “Give us working conditions and a national rugby stadium. The national stadium has to change. Give us the opportunity to work harder and we will go to Australia and win a game there.” He will have the opportunity to speak directly before the highest summit in the country, starting on Wednesday.

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