Portugal at Rugby World Cup 2023: All about the squad

Portugal at Rugby World Cup 2023: All about the squad
  • calendar, in group C

September 16th: Wales vs Portugal at the Allianz Riviera in Nice (5:45pm on the M6 ​​motorway).

September 23: Georgia vs Portugal at Toulouse (2pm on the M6 ​​motorway).

1any October: Australia-Portugal at Stade Geoffroy Guichard, Saint-Etienne (5:45pm, France 2).

October 8: Fiji vs Portugal at Toulouse Stadium (9pm on the M6 ​​motorway).

Find here all the results of the Portugal national team

Os Lobos (The Wolves). This nickname fits like a glove on a formation that intends to play rugby from movement, based on speed. There will remain about 300 Iberian wolves (Canis lupus signatus) in northern Portugal. It is a subspecies of the gray wolf, endemic to the peninsula, and once abundant.

  • their best performance

The Portuguese have never won a World Cup match. Well, it’s true that they only played four times, during the 2007 edition: after two knockout defeats against Scotland (10-56) and New Zealand (13-108), they fared better against Italy (5-31) and Romania (10-14).

Wolves’ goal will be to win the match, for the first time in their history in the competition. Their best chance – the only one? To achieve that would most likely be against Georgia, the formation they drew against (25-25) in 2022 in Tbilisi, during the Six Nations B Championship. Having finished the qualifying stage behind Georgia and Romania, Portugal had to seek a place to qualify. Qualifying for the World Cup finals at the Dubai Championships, by defeating Hong Kong (42-14) and Kenya (85-0), then snatching a tie on the wire against the United States (16-16).

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attackers : Anthony Alves, Martim Bello, Francisco Bruno, Lionel Camberg, Stevie Cerqueira, David Costa, Duarte Diniz, Diogo Hase Ferreira, Francisco Fernandez, Thibaut de Freitas, Joao Granit, Antonio Machado Santos, Jose Madeira, Nicolas Martins, Manuel Picao, Rafael . Seamus, Mike Tadger, Duarte Torgall, David Wallis.

retarded guys : Thomas Appleton (Captain), Joao Bello, Simao Pinto, Pedro Bettencourt, Jose Lima, Pedro Lucas, Samuel Marquez, Rodrigo Marta, Yoris Moura, Vincent Pinto, Manuel Cardoso Pinto, Jeronimo Portela, Nuno Souza Guedes, Rafael Storte.

able to develop in the middle, up front or on the wing, Thomas Appleton He has been the captain of the Lobos since 2019. The 30-year-old grew up and lives in Lisbon, where he plays for Centro Desportivo Universitario de Lisbon. With Portugal, he scored 14 tries in 61 matches. His English-sounding name is due to his great-grandfather who hails from Manchester (United Kingdom). Like half the players in the Lusitania squad, he is a semi-professional, and also works as a dentist. We know who we are and where we come from. He said. We have shown that we can compete with teams like Japan, Italy and Georgia. »

  • Where do we see them practice

The Portuguese national team chose Perpignan as their base camp for the Rugby World Cup. From August, the selection will benefit from the facilities of the Perpignan Harlequin Sports Federation and will be staying at the Hotel Villa Duflot. Portugal is the third country to settle in Occitania, after Japan in Toulouse, and Samoa in Montpellier.

  • plays “at home”

His last-minute penalty kick that allowed Portugal to qualify at the expense of the United States, Samuel Marks It embodies the Lusitani selection, half of which is made up of dual nationals who play in the top 14, Pro D2 and at the national level (the third French level). He was the master of Carcassonne until the 2022-23 season, and the scrum-half had a tough season, fighting in vain to keep his club in the second division. Matches with Portugal were for him oxygen balloon. At 34, Samuel Marquez can wear the country’s colours, because his father was born there: “I feel Portuguese, even though my whole family lives in France, because we have maintained ties in our country of origin”He said.

  • A rugby expression that fits them well
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“The ball is in the wing, life is beautiful!” : This famous expression of journalist Pierre Salviac agrees well with Lobos. Former France international winger and coach Patrice Lajesquet endorses a game of movement, relying above all on the speed and talent of his three-quarters, the Portuguese’s traditional strength.

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