ARS announces first case of monkeypox in Corsica

ARS announces first case of monkeypox in Corsica

At the end of the day, Sunday 26 June, the Corsica Regional Health Agency sent a press release to the media. Announcing the address “First confirmed case of monkeypox in Corsica”. In a few lines, we find outMonkeypox was diagnosed in the Corse de Sud. While that The continent is already concernedThis is the first of its kind on the island.

There will only be one pollution

ARS in Corsica determines that“A few days ago, a person with mild symptoms consistent with monkeypox was treated”. According to our information, last week he was in the south of the island, but the health authorities do not give him No more specific information about the sector. On the other hand, what we know is that the patient’s condition Shows no signs of seriousness. He is clearly an adult. “No travel history to a country where the virus is spreading”. Again, it is impossible to tell if he is a resident or a tourist.

To reduce the spread of the virus“An in-depth epidemiological investigation has been carried out by the French public health teams and the ARS in Corsica, regarding the doctor who took charge of this person.” This means that contact cases have been identified to inform them of the action to be taken, “Management measures have been implemented.”

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