After measles, a case of tuberculosis was discovered in the area

After measles, a case of tuberculosis was discovered in the area

Without mentioning more about the city of origin or the places frequented by the infected person, the government agency confirms that an investigation is underway to determine the people who have been in contact with them and who are considered at risk.

“A rigorous epidemiological investigation was carried out yesterday (Wednesday) to quickly identify those people at risk, who were referred for a medical evaluation of their condition,” says Laurence Chartrand, information officer at CIUSSS MCQ. “Since there is only one case, we cannot talk about an outbreak,” she adds.

An infectious disease caused by a microbe Mycobacterium tuberculosisTB can develop rapidly after first contact with the microorganism, or appear after several years. Therefore, it takes two forms: latent or active.

When an infected person is latent, has no symptoms, and is not contagious, antibiotic treatment may be given to prevent the disease from becoming active in the future. According to the Quebec governmentIn 90% of infected people, the infection remains latent.

When TB is active, it often develops in the lungs, although it can attack other organs such as lymph nodes, kidneys, or bones.

In its pulmonary form, the main symptoms of the disease are a cough that lasts for more than three weeks, often accompanied by phlegm, fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, night sweats, and weight loss.

The situation is stable for measles

Regarding the measles outbreak declared at the beginning of March, the area remains stable with fewer than five cases recorded. However, CIUSSS MCQ remains vigilant and continues vaccination efforts among young people.

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“Since February 25, 1,600 doses of measles vaccine have been administered in the region. The measles vaccine is the best way to protect yourself from the disease,” explains Laurence Chartrand.

However, the number of cases is still increasing across the country, although it will be three times higher than those recorded in 2023.

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