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12:30pm: ‘My legs were burning’, Polish right-back recounts his duel with Mbappe, and it’s so much fun

Naturalized Polish right-back Matty Cash spent a great deal of time with our British counterparts at ZM to talk about Mbappe’s hunt on Sunday, and frankly gave them a cookie. Previously read:

“Obviously he’s amazing, probably the strongest player I’ve faced? Until now I’ve always said it’s Sterling, he’s so quick, but Mbappe, he’s electric. I spent the afternoon before the game watching videos of him lying in bed. But in reality, my legs were burning.” “I play in the Premier League every weekend, against top level wingers, but Mbappe will easily become the best in the world. Look at his pace, his movement, his qualities as a finisher, he has it all. When he has the ball and stops and starts again, that’s the fastest thing.” I’ve seen him in my life. When he stares at you and starts, lowering his shoulders, first with short strides and then long strides, it’s impressive. I did the best I could in our one-on-ones, and I think I didn’t do too badly, and he never got the better of me, except when he had space in the counterattack.”

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