Three taboos that are not so scary in the Maison du périnée

at perineum house to me StrasbourgWe won’t tell you about mountain gear. It has nothing to do with the “Pyrenees Range,” joked Doctor Chloe Bloom conjuring up a small press berth where the men questioned in the perineum often spoke of the mountain to the south. No, here we are talking and taking very seriously three areas that are still taboo, the urinary, faecal and sexual disorders directly related to this group of muscles that make up the pelvic floor.

It is not always easy to talk about urine or anal leakage, erection problem, libido, premature ejaculation, vaginal pain during intercourse…also far from the popular notion that the perineum is only for women, often after childbirth. Men have one condition and “all ages can be affected by these everyday problems, children and adults alike,” defines a doctor who until recently was the hospital’s chief of physical medicine and rehabilitation.

‘Interdisciplinary approach’

Pour schématiser, on parle d’une sorte de plancher de fibers musculaires situé dans le bas-ventre, en forme de hamac, qui s’étend du pubis au coccyx, et permet de gérer l’urètre, l’anus mais aussi le for women. after problems Prostate cancer In men, menopausal women’s problems with a thinning “hammock”, “bed wetting” problems, anal leaks also in children, a program of celebrations in all stages of life is well provided … Like the perineum agenda.

This new building is located in the heart of downtown Strasbourg, Place Kléber, and is unique in France. It is unique because it is multidisciplinary, enabling “worldwide and better patient care, and it has different approaches integrated,” explains Chloe Bloom, who in the past has been used to “work this way in hospitals.” So there is a doctor, but many other healers also come as it is required.

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sexologist, nutritionist, physiotherapist specializing in perineal rehabilitation for men and children, physiotherapist more oriented towards women after pregnancy, pain, endometriosis, everything from chronic pelvic pain or even orthopedic physiotherapist, Thus allowing multidisciplinary care of the patient. An entire team primarily concerned with the “complex perineum area”. And “Beside that, we also do fun workshops, like hormonal yoga, for the first time with little girls,” the doctor smiles. The workshops that the team also intends to develop and diversify in the future.

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