After 10 years of absence, this sci-fi series is back

After 10 years of absence, this sci-fi series is back

American Dad!And South ParkAnd Solar oppositesAnd Cleveland ShowAnd BoJack HorsemanAnd frustratedAnd The GriffinsAnd Rick and MortyYou’ll have it, it’s not the lost adult animated series. But when we talk about this genre, so unique, how can we not mention the mother novel par excellence: Simson family ! created by Matt Groening The show premiered on the small screen in December 1989 and was a huge success. So much so that the sitcom is in its 34th season. That’s it! Spurred on by the resounding success of his work, Matt Groening, who had a keen interest in science fiction, in 1997 decided to embark on a new adventure. And they are side by side David X Cohen – One of the producers of the franchise with yellow men – imagined by the designer new world: Futurama. But if the first four seasons are sold to Fox and aired on the small screen, the futuristic world Groening imagined will eventually come to an end. before resuscitation to disappear completely in 2013. Well, that’s what we thought!

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Futurama Back!

It’s been ten years since the last season of Futurama. Meanwhile, other sci-fi animated series have come out, but none quite match the one imagined by Matt Groening. So why not give Bender, Fry, Leela and the other protagonists of the story another chance? Well, that’s what Disney + decided to do! In fact, in a press release, the platform announced that after ten years of absence, program whichIt has lost none of its acerbic wit or original castHe returned with the eleventh seasonAnd A ten-episode compilation, as of Monday, July 24th.

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Futurama Season 11, the first photos cause a sensation

While waiting for D-Day, which won’t be long, fans of the series can already soak up the first photos of this eleventh season. In reality, The trailer released by the Disney + platform (Can be seen in the video player above) Lets us see that Fry, Leela, Bender, Amy Wong, Hermes Conrad, Professor Hubert or even Dr. Zoidberg haven’t lost any of their vitality and madness, despite the passage of time!

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