Mason. Portugal’s Régates Mâconnaises won

The Macon Rowing Club puts a new spin on Saturday in Portugal at the International Regatta in Viana do Castelo. The senior eight boatswain won the 400m duel against crews from rowing clubs in Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, England and the Netherlands.

Hugo, Enzo Dussot, Romain Gauthier, Paul Tixier, Constant Ringart, Nicolas Stender, Geoffrey Richonier, Thibaut Corsin and Charlene Renault (Coxswin) all won silver in the same race last year*.

The second Régates Mâconnaises crew competed in Portugal, and the four girls (Carla Malherbe, Mailo Rocca, Julie Ratife and Andrea Bugnano) finished fourth in the 400m like last year.

“It is an excellent new performance from the seniors after they secured the title of long-distance champion two weeks ago. They will be keen to do the double by winning the international long-distance event tomorrow, which is enough to write a great story,” said Jacques Dossault, sporting director at Regets Maconies.

This Sunday, the two teams from Macon will take part in a 6,000m time trial on the Lima River.

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