Per capita GDP soon will overtake Romania

When we think of Portugal, we often conjure its splendor of life, its cultural richness, its many well-visited tourist spots, but also, more recently, the true digital haven that the country has become, opening its doors to many digital nomads.

Yes, but now, that was before.

The health crisis has caused a major curb, and Portugal’s per capita GDP has seen a sharp decline. For the record, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the sum of the annual wealth produced by households, firms, and administrations in a country.

At the dawn of the 2000s, thanks to strong economic development, Portugal’s GDP was doing well (85.3%) compared to Romania’s (26.4%). From the 17th most economically developed country, Portugal slipped to 21st last year, according to the site’s reports.

The deal has changed today and it is Romania that is withdrawing from the game by demoting Portugal. If we compare their respective debts, Romania is at 26% against 125% for Portugal.

However, if he wins the World Cup, this prestigious victory will most likely give a huge economic boost to the country…

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