France box office: ‘A passing story Chronicle’ tempts the audience

Emmanuel Moreh’s new film makes the best debut for the French director’s first day in theaters.

Temporary contact factsThe new film directed by Emmanuel Moret, which narrates the emotional ordeals of an adulterous couple between Sandrine Kieberlin and Vincent McCain, can boast that it has done twice as much as the previous director’s film on its first day of operation. The film gathers 16,424 spectators (21,427 viewers with many previews added), compared to about 8,000 for the things we say, things we do in 2020 (in the context of audiences affected by the health crisis). The film does not exceed so does not exceed Mademoiselle de Joncquièreswhich started with 20,000 viewers. After that, the latter achieved a very good professional continuation, and the total number of admissions reached 540,000. The things we say, the things we dohad 279,094 entries at the end of his career. Temporary contact facts She should end her career between the two, somewhere between 350 and 400,000 admissions.

the two main films, honorary citizen Mohammed Hamidi and miscreants By Christoph Offenstein, carried by Cad Merrad and José Garcia respectively, they don’t seem to be able to find their audience, with a very low average of 26 spectators per room for 311 print vs. honorary citizen And only 16 for 375 copies of miscreants.

amazing turn of events, The murder mystery à la Agatha Christie by Tom George took third place on the podium with 9,111 entries out of 204 publications. The film, which is worn by Sam Rockwell and Sawyers Ronan, is still significantly lower than other films of the same genre, such as In Knives Out by Rian Johnson, which gathered 26,135 spectators on the first day of broadcasting. glass onionThe second installment of the franchise is scheduled to launch later this year.

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A humble beginning, but a very beautiful one A phosphorescent light that hovers or floats at night on the swampy ground

The sixth feature film by Portuguese director Joao Pedro Rodriguez, A phosphorescent light that hovers or floats at night on the swampy ground It depicts memories of King Alfredo’s youth when he dreamed of becoming a firefighter. The blockbuster unfortunately made 895 entries for its first day in theaters (1,300 with previews). His penultimate movie birds World She got off to a great start with 1,343 tickets sold on the first day and 9,219 overall. The greatest French success of Joao Pedro Rodrigues remains O Fantasma, who at the end of his career gathered more than 33,000 spectators.

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