A resounding success for L’Éveil’s first comedy evening

A resounding success for L’Éveil’s first comedy evening

kidding. L’Éveil, a community resource for mental health, has traded in sneakers for laughter as part of its annual fundraiser. Its leaders can say mission accomplished since 350 people attended its first comedy night, held last Friday (August 25) at La Frontalière High School.

Meanwhile, Rachel Elle, Yannick DiMartino, YouTubers Andy St. Louis, Stephane Vallow, and Real Beland gave their best jokes on the public stage.

“In my opinion, it’s been a huge success,” says Stephanie Vachon, the organization’s executive director. we are very happy. It was a nice evening. The audience was there and the artists gave their all. »

According to the first report, nearly $10,000 was raised during the event. “The money will be used to maintain our service offering through the summer. We also want to improve our component for 12-18 year olds. It’s something we’ve been doing for two years now.” We want to keep it very long-term and be an integral part of it. It’s our mission”, asserts Ms. Vachon. She also notes that L’Éveil’s services are increasingly in demand. There was a 40% increase over last year.

Remember, this evening of humor was put forward in favor of the “12 Days of June” event, a large walk in which participants traveled throughout the MRC in Cuticook carrying the organization’s message. “We chose to laugh this time,” explains the general manager. We believed people needed to get away from it all and meet and have fun. In addition, laughter greatly helps mental health. So it’s positive all the way. »

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In view of the success of the humorous meeting, the organizers of L’Éveil confirmed the return of the evening of humor for the summer of 2024. It remains only to know the formula that will be adopted, that is, whether it will be mini? A party or even an event with one title.

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