‘It’s annoying’: This OM player makes him screw up on his turn

‘It’s annoying’: This OM player makes him screw up on his turn

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‘It’s annoying’: This OM player makes him screw up on his turn

Posted on Mar 22, 2023 at 4:30

Coming from Arsenal at the start of the season as part of a non-purchase loan, Nuno Tavares has been in contrast to OM. After an excellent start to the season, the Portuguese is disappointed at the moment. And what he shows disturbs the followers to the highest degree. This is the case of Eric de Meco, who has criticized Tavares.

Among the many OM recruits who arrive at the start of the season, Nuno Tavares before Arsenal. Left piston in the diagramigor tudor, The Portuguese brings a lot on an offensive level, but in terms of defence, leaves something to be desired. Moreover, there are more and more criticisms Nuno Tavares. and on set BFM MarseilleAnd Eric DeMico Swipe the player levelO.M.

“There is no frustration anymore”

Nuno Tavares, when he finished the match, he was in the locker room, next to him was Alexis Sanchez and he looked at himself in the mirror, didn’t he turn the mirror? Does he not realize that he has an example of what he should do on earth? When the Portuguese loses the ball, he stops. It was frustrating for part of the season, but now it’s not frustrating anymore. When you see the Chilean, and others, putting just as much effort into their run, do you stop when you lose the ball and go into the late defences? It’s annoying Ex releasedO.M on Nuno Tavares.

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“0 progress has been made”

de mico Then he added: He has made 0 progress. I especially watch him because I know the position, and I repeat myself, but when he takes 10 seconds before he gets to his feet, that’s the kind of thing that puts you in difficulty in this type of match. In such a scenario, when you have to achieve a result, you need fighting qualities and solidarity. When it’s hard, it’s one of the weak links “.

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