A lizard shark with 300 teeth was discovered in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean

A lizard shark with 300 teeth was discovered in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean

Researchers from the National Meteorological, Seismological, Marine and Atmospheric Organization of Portugal (IPMADiscovered off the coast of Portimão (Portugal), this is a type of sea monster that looks like it's out of a horror movie, yet the animal is very real.

Scientists talk about the lizard shark (Chlamydosylacus vulgaris) As a “true living fossil”. Reports indicate that this species has not evolved for “80 million years.” So notice. The male shark has a “long, slender body” measuring one and a half meters in length and a “snake-like head”. Professor Margarida Castro from the University of the Algarve said their teeth are absolutely incredible, containing three hundred sharp fangs that allow them to “catch squid, fish and other sharks in sudden movements.” So notice.

A reserved animal

As he explainedInternational Union for Conservation of NatureThis rare marine animal is almost impossible to find. It lives under the sea at a depth of between 500 and 1000 metres. The researchers captured it at a depth of 700 meters underwater. Secret lizard sharks are widely distributed between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans but very unevenly.

A catch as astonishing as it was improbable for the researchers who were originally on a mission for their study on reducing involuntary catches during commercial fishing.

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