Cat typhus alert in Angoulême where an epidemic has already killed dozens of animals

Cat typhus alert in Angoulême where an epidemic has already killed dozens of animals

Associations and veterinarians warn of the spread of a Qatari typhus epidemic in Angoulême (Charentes) in recent weeks, reports free charent . Many cats have succumbed to the disease since the beginning of summer, prompting the various structures to take drastic measures.

In fact, feline typhus is a highly contagious infection that is fatal in the majority of cases for weakened or unvaccinated cats. The virus can spread very quickly and is transmitted through contact. Last year, typhus had already killed dozens of Tom’s cats in the city.

Vaccination and sterilization

For example, the Trois P’tits chat-rentais association has suspended adoptions for the time being. Volunteers must wear sterile gaiter and clothing. Cats showing symptoms are quarantined.

Same approach as Veto 16 Veterinary Clinic, which turns away potentially infected animals. Faced with this situation, specialists insist: vaccination is essential to prevent the spread of typhus. Patricia Couturier, co-chair of the Trois P’tits chat-rentais association, also raised the issue of sterilization with our colleagues: “There are a lot of unsterilized stray cats in Angoulême. They are born in terrible conditions and can be carriers of diseases.”.

For more information: read the article free charent .

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