The Portuguese – Olivier Afonso, Aurélien Ottenwaelter / Chico

summary : In August 1973, Mario was lowered at the Franco-Spanish border by a smuggler. In a village, he meets Neil who, like him, is fleeing the dictatorship that still exists in Portugal. In France, the two young men join the thousands of Portuguese working in construction.

Olivier Afonso – Chico / Comic Strip Arenas

critical: Olivier Afonso is inspired by his father’s life and draws from it a vivid, sensitive and colorful story, always on a human level, vibrant, but never falling into pity. One of his great qualities is drawing pictures full of nuances, each hero has his share of strengths and weaknesses, including minor characters. This makes it possible to shed more light on slum life, construction site work and Portuguese society in France in the 1970s. The subtlety and subtlety of both subject matter and narration evoke certain works by the great Barrow, and it’s not nothing!

Olivier Afonso – Chico / Comic Strip Arenas

The semi-realistic painting by Aurélien Ottenwaelter – who signs under the pseudonym Chico – maintains an artistic relationship with that of Jérôme Jouvray or Christophe Gaultier. Based on a lively and expressive line, he attaches great importance to the characters as well as the ambiance. It is therefore more associated with overall dynamism than with a sense of detail, even if the latter is present when necessary.
Portuguese He knows, touches and does good. Great surprise!

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