17 people were injured in a collision between two trains in Italy

17 people were injured in a collision between two trains in Italy

A low-speed collision between two trains left 17 people with minor injuries Sunday evening in northeastern Italy, firefighters and the Italian railway company said.

Firefighters said on X (formerly Twitter) that the accident occurred between a TGV Frecciarossa train and a regional train on the Bologna-Rimini line, between Faenza and Forli.

They clarified at 9:45 PM (3:45 PM ET) that rescue operations had ended.

The accident resulted in “minor injuries, I would say bruises.” A Trenitalia spokesman told AFP: “There were no serious injuries, and the collision occurred at a very low speed.”

He added that investigations are underway to determine the causes of the accident.

Pictures and videos posted on social media show two trains facing each other, with emergency services intervening on the side.

The accident caused a major traffic disruption in the area.

Transport Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini requested “the rapid determination of the causes and possible responsibilities,” his services said in a press release.

In August, five workers carrying out night maintenance work near Turin (north) were struck and killed by a train.

In February 2020, two railway workers were killed and 31 passengers injured in a train derailment near Lodi, south of Milan.

In January 2018, another derailment near Milan killed three people and injured 100 others, and was attributed to a lack of track maintenance.

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