Xiaomi: The new Bluetooth speaker fits the electric car and is IP66 certified

Xiaomi: The new Bluetooth speaker fits the electric car and is IP66 certified

Besides smartphones, Xiaomi also offers a wide range of accessories. These include audio solutions and, last but not least, Bluetooth speakers (e.g Bluetooth Xiaomi Mi Mobile ). To this end, Xiaomi has just unveiled a new Bluetooth speaker with high output power and playback quality.

This Bluetooth speaker is not only suitable for camping, but also provides good playback quality for home environments. The total power of the audio system is 40W, and Xiaomi offers it as a complete audio system that produces good sound quality thanks to Harman AudioEFX.

The Bluetooth speaker has dimensions of 125 x 85 x 146.7 mm (L x W x H) and weighs 1.12 kg, making it a fairly compact Bluetooth speaker. The battery capacity is specified at 27.36 Wh, with the ability to operate for more than 10 hours. It can be recharged via USB-C with a charging power of up to 18 watts. The same power can also be used for charging via pogo pins, namely when using the Xiaomi SU7 electric speaker

Xiaomi electric car SU7. There, the speaker is placed in the central storage compartment.

One useful feature of a speaker that is frequently used outdoors is its IP66 certification, which means that the model should be protected from damage caused by ingress of dust and water. Communications with external drives are made via Bluetooth 5.3, with LHDC 5.0 support. It's very easy to set up the NFC pairing process. Finally, there is an LED light on board that can light up the evenings.

In China, the speaker is available for the equivalent of about $100; There is no information available yet about the international release.

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