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What is allergy?  – 1jour1actu.com

In the spring, major pollen allergy season is in full swing! But what is allergy? What could you be allergic to? Is it treatable? Answers to your questions in this video…

What is allergy?

Are you sneezing, your nose is runny, your eyes are itching, are you itching? It could be an allergic reaction. The most common ones are associated with mites and grass and tree pollens.

But there are also other types of allergies: to animal hair, mold, some foods, etc.

When you have an allergy, your body reacts as if harmless things, such as eggs or pollen, were dangerous. Then your immune system, which is responsible for protecting your body, sounds an alert! Sneezing or watery eyes remove pollen from the body.

But why do we suffer from allergies?

Genetics plays an important role. In fact, you are more likely to develop allergies if one or both of your parents have them. In industrialized countries, one in four people suffer from allergies. This number has been increasing over the past 30 years.

the reasons ? Climate change increases the length of the pollen season, and therefore our risk of developing allergies. Our sedentary lifestyles also expose us to dust mites living in our homes for a longer period.

But don't panic! Most allergies are treatable and your allergist will provide appropriate treatment if you are concerned.

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