Work to solve the problems of some stadiums in Algeria

Work to solve the problems of some stadiums in Algeria

sibjag (MJS)

The Minister of Youth and Sports, Abdel-Razzaq Sebjaj, confirmed, Thursday in Algiers, that he will work with the competent departments to lift the freeze on the large football stadium in the wilaya of Setif and review the re-launch of the project. – The gym in El-Manial Tower (Boumerdes). Sabbaj, in his response to a member of the National People’s Assembly about the project of the sports complex or the Great Stadium of Setif, stressed during a plenary session devoted to oral questions, that he “will work tirelessly to unfreeze this project, indicating that all the steps that have been taken, over a decade For a long time, to implement this project, it is doomed to failure due to the lack of experience of the authorities responsible for this task. “The delay in the completion of this project coincided with a difficult financial and economic situation.” The Minister reassured that the freezing of this project in 2015 “came after the decision of the public authorities to restart Scheduling some assigned projects according to priorities without canceling them.” To follow up: “The revival of this project remains contingent on improving the economic and financial situation of the country.” The Minister presented the details of the steps taken by this suspended project, which was registered in 2007 with a financial envelope of 6 billion dinars. After two years, A Portuguese design office was appointed to provide technical assistance to the project.In 2010, the project was re-evaluated at an amount of 15 billion dinars.After that, specifications for the study and follow-up of the project’s completion were drawn up during its presentation to the National Authority for Public Markets before a decision was made regarding the separation of Study and follow up of achievement. proces. Under the Presidential Decree Regulating Public Procurement, new specifications for the study and oversight component have been established. And in 2011, it was presented to the special committee that made certain reservations and then the visa was granted on December 1 of the same year,” the minister said. Regarding the rehabilitation of the gymnasium in Borj Manial (Boumerdes), the Minister of Youth and Sports confirmed that he will spare no effort in rehabilitating the hall, Mustafa El-Yassin Medelci, by developing the technical regulations and specifications before registering the renewal process. According to the guidelines of the Counter-Terrorism Committee Expert Center. Sibajj added that this structure requires the start of major work to renovate it because it is located ten meters from the sea. Referring to the project to build a football stadium that has been frozen since 2014, Sabbaj referred to the “difficult financial situation at that time, as the state was interested in completing the projects in progress.” However, he does not exclude the possibility of relaunching this project. In his speech, the Minister of Youth and Sports stated that “partnership with the union and sports movement is one of the methods adopted by the ministry in order to achieve its goals and expand the scope of participation for young people.” The minister indicated that the sector has taken a series of measures to train young people, stressing “mobilizing the sector’s skills to ensure supervision and support of youth, organizing sports, science, entertainment and encouragement, volunteer work, dedicating spaces for information and guidance, and receiving young people outside working hours.” The minister explained that youth and sports structures also have educational missions capable of training young people in various fields. They are incubators to discover young talents.

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