Windows 11 version 23545 is coming, what’s new?

Windows 11 version 23545 is coming, what’s new?

Microsoft is behind the new build of Windows 11, version 23545. It is being rolled out on the DEV channel of the Windows Insider Program. One of the points of focus concerns the most popular application of the operating system, File Explorer. We also have a few new features here and there.

This new preview has been available for download for several hours. The software giant offers tweaks and improvements. For example, new behaviors around the taskbar search area are being tested. After opening on hover, tooltips are presented. There is also the ability to launch the page when you click on the highlighted item.

The Nearby Share function is equipped with an option to quickly give a more friendly name to the device. It is also possible to view Teams contacts to send files to them directly using the operating system’s sharing window.

Windows 11 build 23545 and file explorer

In terms of fixes, a long list of issues affecting File Explorer has been resolved. The main concerns are malfunctions when closing it and when opening two of its windows too quickly. The development team has also addressed crashes when opening a new gallery view, after adding new photos, or when navigating away from the home page.

The file manager also benefits from performance improvements that should make it faster to boot. The company explains

We’ve made some additional fixes to help improve File Explorer’s running performance, including fixing a leak that could impact performance over time.

Note that regarding some concerns about slowness, a tip was talked about a few days ago. If File Explorer shows signs of slowing down, double-pressing the F11 key should improve the situation.

Windows 11, File Explorer is slow, here is a funny solution

For the rest, Microsoft provides solutions for bugs affecting display of themes, loading icon stuck in tabs, incorrect icon display in tabs, and an issue that caused all desktop icons to appear as generic white icons.

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