Windows 11, why does KB5028185 improve gaming performance?

Windows 11, why does KB5028185 improve gaming performance?

Every patch Tuesday, Microsoft tries to bring performance improvements while fixing bugs that affect the stability of Windows 11. One of the recent updates brought a lot of things including an important change for gamers with a certain type of mouse.

Windows 11 is a platform for computer video games. Microsoft is fully aware that this is an asset that must not be lost in order to maintain great popularity. This explains many innovations in this field. One of the latest developments concerns mice that have the ability to quickly communicate with a computer. Microsoft is talking about a high-speed report mouse.

The operating system is now equipped to take advantage of these field mice. Microsoft promises reduced latency in games with high mouse ratios even with many processes running in the background. Your mouse will be more responsive and faster with more precise and targeted actions. You will enjoy the gameplay automatically as well as the immersion.

Windows 11, KB5028185 improves gaming performance

Microsoft is clear on the matter by promising that the July 2023 Update aka KB5028185 Improves performance when using a mouse with a high gaming report rate “.

On the one hand, this improvement was expected because computer games have developed greatly in a few years. It is not uncommon today that a lot of power is required as well as fast input devices and special equipment (multiplayer, chat, live broadcast).

It is in such a context that Windows 11 is put to the test, which extends the time required to process all this data to the point of affecting video game performance.

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So Microsoft decided to make things better. The company explained that it noticed significant lag when playing popular games on its Surface Laptop Studio using a 1000Hz mouse. And after these changes, the same configuration will now provide a seamless and uninterrupted experience.

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