Sleeping in this position will reduce the risk of disturbing dreams

According to a scientist, the position in which we sleep will affect our chances of having disturbing dreams.

Sometimes sad, sometimes terrifying, nightmares are an epidemic. If some people seem to have more than others, then such bad dreams are inevitable: everyone has already had this kind of experience, and that many times. But according to one researcher, Technology that makes it possible to reduce their appearance.

Nightmares happen for many different reasons

If it seems random, Nightmares can actually be promoted by several factors. Extreme stress or an anxious state, for example, can increase the risk of bad dreams. We can also notice taking medications, having a high temperature, or recently watching a horror movie.

but according to Dr. Calvin Kai-Cheng Yufrom Hong Kong Yan University, lying on your back, stomach or side can also have an impact on the kind of images that will occupy our dreams…

Pressure exerted on certain parts of the body

different positions of Sleeps It can create pressure on different parts of the body, and physical sensations can cause dream elements‘ says the doctor.

So, in what position should you sleep to reduce the chances of having bad dreams? according to him: “Studies have shown that people who sleep on their backs have more nightmares They have more difficulty remembering their dreams. This may be due to the fact that this position can generate back pain and cause certain problems (snoring and sleep apnea) that would disturb the quality of sleep.

The good news in all of this is that Dr. Calvin Kai-Cheng Yu’s recommendations also apply to having sweet dreams! People who sleep on their side will have fewer nightmares. And do not tell anyone, but sleeping on your stomach would enhance sexual dreams … But the researcher advises not to do this position, because it will be less comfortable and less comfortable.

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