Windows 11 Build 25941 arrives, what’s new?

Windows 11 Build 25941 arrives, what’s new?

Microsoft has just released a new version of Windows 11 through the Windows Insider Program. This version is offered for PC registered on Canary Channel and comes with limited documentation.

In short, we only have official information on the most important and impactful known issues.

Windows 11 build 2594 highlights

Changes have been made to the advanced display settings page available here

Paramètres > Système > Affichage > Affichage avancé.

The dynamic refresh rate can now be enabled via the “toggle”. When enabled, this advance allows Windows to dynamically adjust the refresh rate up to a specified rate to save power.

Microsoft adds

We’ve made small changes to raise awareness of the limitations (related to the monitor or cable used) that may not allow setting a high refresh rate while using a high display resolution. When selecting the refresh rate, you may notice that some refresh rates will display an asterisk. This means that to select the specific refresh rate, the display resolution will need to be changed to support it.

Cast improvements are made with an updated pop-up menu in Quick Settings. Support is available if you have any issues with detecting nearby displays, fixing connections, etc.

The graph at the top of the Power & Battery page in Settings has been removed. You can still see a graph of your battery usage in the Battery Usage section at the bottom of the page. In addition, the Power and Battery settings page is no longer divided into the Power and Battery sections.

Added to all this are several fixes. They target display and interaction issues affecting File Explorer’s context menu and command bar drop-down menus. Issues that affect the reliability of File Explorer operation, as well as issues that prevent Japanese and Chinese IMEs from working correctly in some applications and in the File Explorer search box, are usually resolved.

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We fixed an issue that caused Settings to crash on detailed battery usage. Finally, stickers now come with new options to adjust color intensity and add color filters.

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