Bayern with his back to the wall, Real Madrid close to the goal, Guardiola and Simeone head to head … The bets of the quarter-finals are back

Bayern with his back to the wall, Real Madrid close to the goal, Guardiola and Simeone head to head … The bets of the quarter-finals are back

Even without a tricolor team on the roster, the Champions League quarter-final, which begins on Tuesday 12 April, is not without interest. Liverpool and Real Madrid are sure to come close to receiving them from Benfica and Chelsea by a wide margin, but the removal of the away goal rule keeps them awake. Atletico Madrid and Bayern, after losing a short header on the lawns of Manchester City and Villarreal, will try to turn the tide at home. Presentation of the main issues.

Bayern-Villarreal: The Bavarians are on a mission

After winning the first round, it is customary to say that half the job is done. For Villarreal, the equation seems a bit more complicated. Because the opposite is Bayern experienced in transformations. In the eighth, the Munich residents had snatched a painful draw in Salzburg (1-1), before crushing the Austrian club in the return (7-1). Very convincing in the first leg (1-0), Villarreal was warned and could regret the many missed opportunities in the first leg.

But the club led by Unai Emery also knows how to do it in this formation. Their victory in Turin in the Round of 16 (0-3) is a benchmark in terms of defensive organization and counter-attack efficiency. Suffering the penalty better, the logo of the former Paris Saint-Germain coach was found. A match will follow on Tuesday evening on beIN Sports 1.

Chelsea-Real Madrid: Benzema is on his way?

It is impossible to cut it. Already composing a hat-trick in the round of 16 against Paris Saint-Germain (3-1), Karim Benzema returned the cover in the first leg, at Stamford Bridge (1-3). Ron’s striker will inevitably come under scrutiny in Madrid on Tuesday night, with a match to follow on Canal + and RMC Sport. Thomas Tuchel has enough to rip your hair: on the one hand, the German technician has to keep an eye on the “KB9” mode flag. On the other hand, his team must solve the efficiency problems that were hinted at in the first leg.

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In Southampton on Saturday, Chelsea corrected the situation (0-6). Often criticized for his foolishness in facing cages, Timo Werner split a promising pair. Torturing the Premier League’s 18th defense is one thing, and the undisputed La Liga captain’s back bending is another. The stakes are high for the Blues, who have been forced to score at least two goals in the hope of continuing their C1 journey and retaining their European crown.

Atletico-Manchester City: Is the Colismo dead?

Are there two irreconcilable balls? The division between the philosophies championed by Pep Guardiola and Diego Simeone is so great that the question deserves to be asked. The first leg (Citizens won 1-0) is in this sense a caricature. Stuck in a more restricted approach, Atletico Madrid only shot once on goal. Colchoneros Grinta showed and displayed a cohesive defensive organization, but it is unreasonable to qualify by producing so little.

But, on paper at least, the arguments do not exist. Antoine Griezmann, Joao Felix and Luis Suarez form the artillery Rojiblanca. After falling behind in the Spanish League, the Spanish champion will, in addition, be deprived of some of his supporters after the closure of the stand. The handicap is significant, given the enthusiasm of the Madrid crowd. Tactics fans will enjoy Wednesday night, on Canal + Sport and RMC Sport.

Liverpool-Benfica: Move, there’s nothing to see

We won’t blame you if you go your way. Without the outcome being entirely inevitable, Liverpool’s qualification against Benfica is not really in doubt. The Reds won easily in Lisbon (1-3), having one foot and four toes in the semi-finals. Without it being ridiculous in the first leg, the Portuguese struggled with a seasoned team law in qualifying from C1. Benfica, who is already out of the title race in the championship, will try to win a prestigious victory.

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A push from Jurgen Klopp: the tactician can’t be ruled out pants This meeting can take turns, punctuated by duels against Manchester City. But the determined team will be very competitive no matter what. The irreducible will still be able to follow the meeting on Wednesday night on beIN Sports 1.

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