WhatsApp introduces a new, easy-to-use bottom navigation bar for Android

WhatsApp introduces a new, easy-to-use bottom navigation bar for Android

WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging apps, has given a new design update For Android users . Although the latest update doesn't include any revolutionary changes, it aims to make the app easier to use. It places the top navigation bar at the bottom, making it easier to access. More specifically, the repositioning is intended to bring the bar closer to your thumb.

This new update has redesigned the navigation bar. While the previous version contained green backgroundBy default, it is now white in the new WhatsApp Android app. Another point to note is that the new navigation bar has four sections, as before, but the arrangement has been changed and each has an icon. Also, in the new version, the status is now called “Updates”.

As WhatsApp explains, the order of the sections has been changed to “make it easier to access” what users can see Users What users need. But it is true that it will take some time for those who are accustomed to the old navigation bar to adapt to the new one. In addition, the new navigation bar provides the same functionality as the previous one. You can check out the change in the tweet below.

As for the rollout, the update has already arrived in some regions before the official announcement. WhatsApp is rolling it out to more users around the world. But since it's being rolled out in waves, it may take a few days for everyone to get the new navigation bar. If you don't have this version yet, it's a good idea to check if your app has been updated to the latest version as of that time Google Play Store.

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