What is the music in movies and series to discover the week of June 28, 2023? / News :: Cinezik.fr

What is the music in movies and series to discover the week of June 28, 2023?  / News :: Cinezik.fr

exits In the cinema

Our pick of the week What do you see in the cinema for movies And their music creative :

French jazz musician Eric Trofaz He signs the music of the animated film by Sepideh Farsi that he found after the drama “Tomorrow I Pass” (2022) by incorporating Iranian elements to fit the context (1980, southern Iran, the population of Iraq under Iraqi siege), especially dammam (a traditional Iranian drum that sounds from the seconds The first is from the film and turns into a red thread associated with the young Omid), as well as nyanban (a type of Iranian bagpipe), with the contribution of the Iranian musician Saeed. Shanab Zadeh. The composer’s mournful trumpet reappeared to prolong pain and mourning and to represent the victims of conflict. He even ends up confusing it with the howling siren. We see a goddess in the role of the Iranian singer (we hear her voice as “Raaftem”).

(In the cinema on 06-28-2023)

See the song list for the movie

John Williams He finds for the fifth time the adventurous archaeologist, always played by Harrison Ford, and meets James Mangold who succeeded Spielberg in realization.

(In the cinema on 06-28-2023)

[BO disponible]

Franco Bersanti He finds Nanni Moretti for the seventh time since their meeting in “I am an autarkic” (1976) and after “Habemus Papam” (2011) and “Tre piani” (2021). Music with trumpet, accordion and strings calls for a circus. It follows the character of Giovanni (Nanni Moretti), a desperate filmmaker in the midst of a crisis. We think of Nino Rota’s times at Fellini. The film seems to review the life devoted to cinema, recalling the current state of cinema in the age of platforms. The result takes on the beauty of a nostalgic celebration while scenes of group dancing or jubilation accompany pre-existing titles.

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(In the cinema on 06-28-2023)

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Stephanie Economou Signed to the music for the animated film Dreamworks by Kirk DeMicco & Faryn Pearl, it draws inspiration from the underwater world of shimmering textures, guitars exposed to wawa pedal effects, dream pop with resonant sounds, retro synthesizers, electro-optic ukulele, oysters, didgeridoo and accordion.

(In the cinema on 06-28-2023)

Other movies:

Pascal Lingane finds Pierre-François-Martin Laval in this comedy after “Faheem” ​​(2019) with a symphony theme in the spirit of Harry Potter (for this story in a school setting with a touch of fantasy).

(In the cinema on 06-28-2023)

German rapper Gewar Hijabi, better known by his stage name Xatar, is the subject of the musical biography of German Fatih Akin, portrayed by Emilio Skaraia, himself a musician. The soundtrack consists largely of existing Xatar music, released by Goldmann Music. Other rappers such as Schwesta Ewa appear as a guest star and SSIO. The original music features many different pieces of music, including tracks written by Zaar’s father, Ighbal Hijabi.

(In the cinema on 06-28-2023)

Jean-Pierre Tayeb meets Xavier Gaines in this action movie after “Frontier (x)” (2008), “The Gap” (2013), “Budapest” (2018).

(In the cinema on 06-28-2023)

Felix Mykinsky signed the music for this Swedish documentary, Marusya Sirochkovskaya’s debut, which captures the euphoria and restlessness of Russian youth, paying homage to an entire generation turned into silence.

(In the cinema on 06-28-2023)

See the song list for the movie

Rawal Jalal signs the music for the Portuguese drama by Sergio Trivot.

(In the cinema on 06-28-2023)

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Rutger Reynders signs the music for the Dutch animated film Mascha Halberstad.

(In the cinema on 06-28-2023)

Yuri Miyauchi signing the music for the Japanese animated film Shinya Kawatsura.

(In the cinema on 06-28-2023)

Boaz Shore signs the music for the Israeli drama Ludi Bukin.

(In the cinema on 06-28-2023)

New movies to watch at home

Mark Bradshaw and Marcus Weil have signed on to score the music for Australian horror film Dyna Reid.

Exclusively on Netflix (2023-06-28)

Christophe Beck signs the music for the animated family film by Nick Bruno and Troy Cowan, who called Theodore Shapiro in “Les Incognitos” (2019).

Exclusively on Netflix (2023-06-30)

New series or seasons

John Debney, Joel McNeely, and Andrew Cottey scored Seth MacFarlane’s sci-fi comedy series, with a Bruce Broughton theme.

Season 3 on Disney+ (2023-06-28)

Anne Nikitin signs music for the Jim Field Smith & Mo Ali series.

7 episodes on Apple TV + (2023-06-28)

Keefus Ciancia (“Killing Eve”) signs the music for the British historical series of The Brady Hood and Samira Radsey.

6 episodes on Disney+ (dated 06-28-2023)

Sergei Grosny signs the music for the Argentine series by Maximiliano Gutierrez and Martin Deuce.

13 episodes on Disney+ (2023-06-28)

Walt Disney Chronicles (June 27, 2023)

[BO disponible]

Bear McCreary signs the music for The Witcher movie by Declan De Barra centered on the first Witcher.

Season 3 on Netflix (2023-06-29)

[BO disponible]

Ramin Djawadi signs the music for this Amazon series dedicated to the CIA analyst which was actually brought to the screen in 2014 by Kenneth Branagh (with music by Patrick Doyle).

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Season 4 on Amazon Prime Video (2023-06-30)

Reza Safina, H, and Scott Salinas provide the music for the martial arts series from director Jonathan Tropper.

Season 3 on Bass Warner (on 06-30-2023)

David Martin and Jeroen Swinen sign the music for Wouter Bouvijn’s Belgian series.

8 episodes on Canal + Series (03-07-2023)


For his unique collaboration with Jean-Pierre Melville, François de Roubaix will refine his style to a seductive minimalism; Backed by Eric Demarsan for orchestral direction and arrangements (based on electric organ, accordion and jazz ensemble), he certainly signs his masterpiece to the big screen while writing his most abstract score.

(In the cinema on 06-28-2023)

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