MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal Shoes with Joan Duro

The 33-year-old Landis has already been selected by the WSL to replace Brazilian Jadson André – a long-term injury victim – during this third round of the season, which follows the Hawaii mini-tour of Pipeline and Sunset Beach, and precedes the two Aussie meetings that took place before mid-year At Bells Beach and Margaret River in April. The jump seat to which the Duro owes its place as the second best European (excluding the top 10 CT qualifier) ​​in the 2022 final standings of the Challenger Series circuit is the elite waiting room.

Residing in the top 34 from 2017 to 2019, which he reached after a long search of nearly a decade, the Frenchman had signed his best performance in… Portugal, where he reached the final (losing to Italo Ferreira) in 2018 as a result . Who completely re-launched him in the race for a maintenance, which he got at the end of the season before being relegated at the end of the following season.

The best European surfer (still outside the top 10 in CT Championship qualifiers) on the CS 2022 circuit, Gatien Delahaye also received a wild card to fight it out on Supertubos. However, a serious left knee injury forced Guadeloupe to concede. His replacement is not yet known.

Bouchiam is still absent, Maurice returns

Ramzi Boukhiam will miss Beniche. As already in Hawaii, the Moroccan rookie, who injured his left ankle, was again replaced by Costa Rican Carlos Muñoz. Portuguese Teresa Bonfalot also continues her temporary work in the absence of Johan Davey. After losing the first two rounds of the season with an ankle injury, Australian rookie Sophie McCulloch returned to Portugal.

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The current leader of the European QS circuit, of which she has won three out of the five events contested so far (the third in Morocco on Sunday), and is promised the continental title, Portugal’s Yolanda Hopkins benefits from a wild card. This will be the 25-year-old surfer’s first ever CT scan.

Yolanda Hopkins, after her victory over QS in Taghazout Bay last Sunday.

WSL/Damien Poulinot

MEO wild card holder Frederico Moraes, for his part, has a very different experience from the elite. The 31-year-old Portuguese was a solid member in 2017 (J-Bay’s finalist), less so in 2018, the season after which he was relegated, before serving several times as a substitute in 2019. Falling victim last year to a mid-season “cut” . In 2015, he was invited next, and he made it to the quarter-finals of the Rip Curl Pro Portugal after remarkably releasing Mick Fanning in the third round.

Rip Curl Pro Portugal MOE Charts

Men’s first round:
(The first 2 go to the round of 32, the third to the replay)
Series 1: Ethan Ewing (Australia), Kelly Slater (USA), Carlos Muñoz (CRI)
Series 2: Griffin Colapinto (USA), Samuel Bobo (Bree), Maxime Hocenot (France)
Series 3: Italo Ferreira (BRI), Conor O’Leary (Australia), Ezekiel Law (Howe)
Series 4: Kayo Ebele (Bri), Liam O’Brien (Australia), Jatin Delahaye (Fra, pack)
Series 5: Jack Robinson (Australia), Baron Mamiya (Howe), Joan Dureux (France)
Series 6: Philip Toledo (PRI), Ryan Callinan (AUS), Frederico Morris (PRT)
Series 7: Miguel Bobo (PRI), Seth Muniz (HOW), Michael Rodriguez (PRI)
Series 8: They were Igarashi (Japan), Yago Dora (Barre), Jackson Baker (Australia)
Series 9: John John Florence (HOW), Matthew McGillivray (AFS), Koloh Andino (USA)
Series 10: Joao Sianca (Wild), Nat Young (USA), Ian Gentile (Amateur)
Series 11: Leonardo Fioravanti (Ita), Callum Robson (Australia), Jake Marshall (USA)
Series 12: Gabriel Medina (PRI), Jordy Smith (AFS), Rio Weeda (IDN)
Women’s first round:
(The first 2 go to the round of 16, the third to the replay)
Series 1: Tyler Wright (AUS), Petilo Sakura Johnson (Howe), Teresa Bonfalot (PRT)
Series 2: Stephanie Gilmour (Australia), Caitlin Simmers (USA), Sophie McCulloch (Australia)
Series 3: Carissa Moore (HOW), Isabella Nichols (AUS), Yolanda Hopkins (PRT)
Series 4: Molly Becklum (Australia), Caroline Marks (USA), Sally Fitzgibbons (Australia)
Series 5: Brissa Hennessy (CRI), Lucky Peterson (USA), Courtney Conlogue (USA)
Series 6: Tatiana Weston-Webb (Bree), Gabriella Bryan (Howe), Maisie Callahan (Australia)
Hurley Pro Sunset Beach runs March 8-16; Follow the live video on WSL site.

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