Yes, we can watch the World Cup in the office without being sent off

In Luxembourg, the Labor Code does not prevent this. On the other hand, there are certain references in your company’s employment contract or collective agreement that can earn you a red card if you don’t respect them.

11am, 12pm, 2pm, 5pm… not easy For fans of the blues, manchaft, seleção portuguese to reconcile business hours and world Cup of football this year. However, in Luxembourg, some may take risks to watch some matches from their place of work. a dangerous game.

However, the The legislation does not provide Black on white Watching a football match from your computer or on your mobile phone is a Error. However, we can’t imagine work law List of shows and programs that can be enjoyed from your desktop…

Indeed, if you are an absolute fan of football, nothing prevents you from creating a Ask your employer. And the ideal thing is to explain to him that the (work) time he spends in front of the screen in the next few days can be so Compensationshortly after the day or working remotely. It is up to him to arbitrate.

Tolerances upon request

But who wants to follow one 64 encounters programmed in Qatar, I recommend re-reading first Employment contract. In general, it is required that:toleranceGiven to employees for Consult the Internet for personal needs.

few minutes secretly may authorize it. If it’s ok Schedule a medical appointment where Bargain hunting On the web, why not take advantage of this “indulgence” to consult the Croatia-Belgium result for a few seconds (which will take place on Thursdays at 11 am)?

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these discounts On the use of the network in business can also appear in the collective agreement I signed up for the company. Again, don’t expect a line that specifically mentions FIFA fixtures. But a 4-4-2 junkie will be able to find something to orient themselves in on this question, which is crucial for some: ” So I can follow Tunisia-France on broadcast, at my workplace, without risking dismissal ?»

no relation ship

In conclusion: it is better to prepare for your strike than to risk disqualification. It would be a shame to have to prepare for the already crowned FIFA World Cup Lots of bad feelings

It should also be noted that no city in Luxembourg has chosen to broadcast on a giant screen. Esch who chose to do so from the round of 16 lost out last.

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