Want to live a fulfilling life? This is where you should rest, according to the science

Want to live a fulfilling life?  This is where you should rest, according to the science

In life, there are those who swear that life is only in big cities, where everything is available within a few minutes, sometimes even 24 hours a day, and there are those who prefer the peace and quiet of small villages by the sea. , in the mountains or in the countryside. Everyone has their own tastes, right? Well not quite. According to science, there is a certain living environment that should be privileged.

Where do you live for a more fulfilling life?

course for to be happy In life, you must have a job that you love, a Fulfilling the love of lifefriends, emotions… but Place of living It also plays an important role in the levels of stress and mental health that one may experience. Published in the journal natureA study looked at the testimonies of more than 15,000 people living in fifteen countries, from Australia to France to Poland and Germany.

All participants were questioned by the researchers about their travel habits and place of residence, and asked to self-assess their physical and mental health status. By collecting all this data, they came to the conclusion that living near the sea is the perfect place to be healthy all year round.

Benefits of living by the sea

in seashore or ocean, Survey participants who lived less than two kilometers from the coast were healthier and happier, regardless of their standard of living. For Sandra Geiger, a researcher in environmental psychology at the University of Vienna and the study leader, living by the sea primarily reduces exposure to the elements. air pollution, especially for fine particles. It also urges a Increased physical activity By walking and hiking. Gould: “A few minutes walk on the beach will be enough to feel good. It creates new neural pathways, allowing you to think more clearly.” Finally, the sea strengthens social bonds. “You definitely get more visits from your loved ones when you live on the coast,” she logically asserts.

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Paula Kellett, researcher at the European Maritime Council and co-author of the study, agrees: “The significant health benefits of equitable and sustainable access to our coastlines need to be taken into account when countries develop their plans. Marine spatial planning plans, consideration of future housing needs and development of linkages Public transport.”

In order to heal your mental health, would you like to move to the seaside? The idea must be liked by more than one person.

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