Video games: Will Diablo be available in Quebec soon?

Video games: Will Diablo be available in Quebec soon?

At the same time, there is a studio in Quebec that has launched a crowdfunding campaign to create a video game belonging to the same genre as DiabloAnd Pathfinder: Abominations Vaults It is an ARPG, action role-playing game that focuses on scenario and player cooperation.

B-KOM Studios has already raised nearly $300,000 for its project. However, executive producer Pierre Leroux wants to differentiate his project DiabloProduced by Blizzard.

“We want to create something completely different, more stories, and a lot more about collaboration and personal interactions,” he explains. “We consulted the community to build the game. The use of crowdfunding will help improve the game.”

Being associated with the Pathfinder license, one of the biggest players in card role-playing games, also brings credibility to the project. Something is going on in the world of RPGs, says Pierre Leroux. “It’s a phenomenon that’s now across media, with video games, soap operas…we think about the impact Weird things. “

Release date Pathfinder: Abominations Vaults Unknown at this time.

Watch Jean-Simon Bouy’s report in the video.

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