Ukraine: Anything can go wrong

Ukraine: Anything can go wrong

To compare war with a disease, I would like to refer to the words of Albert Camus in one of his inspiring works, the plague : “When war breaks out, people say: ‘It will not last, it is very stupid.’ No doubt war is certainly very stupid, but that does not prevent it from continuing. Stupidity still exists…”

At the dawn of the ninth month of barbarism in Ukraine, which, according to experts, lasted only a few weeks, the latest news tells us that the Russian troops suffer numerous setbacks and lose ground on the “battlefield”.

no negotiations

From here, one would think that this new reality on the ground could bring Presidents Putin and Zelensky to the negotiating table with the goal of getting out of this quagmire without losing much face.

Unfortunately, this is not the case…

On the other hand, a Russian striker who finds himself facing a wall on the floor is absolutely unwilling to lose the slightest fiber of his face.

Therefore, with missiles and drones, he struck again with determination and in an intense manner on many localities, including the capital, Kyiv, with the intent of compensating for his military defects and serving the purposes of his enterprise …

On the other side, Ukrainian defender Zelensky, surrounded by patronage as well as inflated financial and military Western aid, is convinced that a military victory over the Russians is at hand. Above all, you don’t want to know anything about Putin.

It’s a dead end… So we shouldn’t be surprised to see Europe’s heart bleed for so long now, because stupidity will go on indefinitely and possibly drag us a bit into a nuclear maelstrom.

horrific escalation

This war (stupidity) is likely to last a long time, because, on the one hand, neither Putin nor Zelensky is ready to give up Donbass and Crimea, and on the other hand, pro-Russians are light years away from the desire to give. over their land.

The Ukrainian defender vowed to fight “until the last Ukrainian”. In his own way, President Zelensky promised and swore.

In the face of fierce and unpredictable Ukrainian resistance, the Russian aggressor is firmly determined to move forward with its project of annexation, even if it means using nuclear weapons…

To which President Biden recently replied: “Don’t do it. No. No… It will change the face of war like never before since World War II.”

In unbearable horror, President Biden added that an American response would follow, and that the extent of what President Putin did would determine its nature.

I remember a recent warning issued by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Antonio Guterres: […] After the Cold War pushed humanity to the brink of annihilation, we hear the clatter of nuclear swords once again.

There is still time to stop the “stupidity”…

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