U mad, bro?: Steelers fans slammed change of attitude, referees, cry New Yorkers

U mad, bro?: Steelers fans slammed change of attitude, referees, cry New Yorkers

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The first “U mad, bro?” The year 2021 begins with a Steelers fan in Pittsburgh. It then hits Philadelphia, New York, Washington and Miami all the way.

We have narrow ends that turn backs. A treat for all NFL assignments. Dread from Pittsburgh Pirates.

Oh, and a lesson in grammar.

Yeah. It’s annoying. We are starting the new year with a high altitude here.

Jake has an idea … Um … “out of the box” to fix the Steelers Slouch running game.

The Steelers needs to consider taking a look at turning two narrow finalists into their backs. why not? Narrow limbs are larger, have good hands, are skilled at running short passing trails, and are trained in blocking.

Someone like Lance MacDonald could be a great candidate next year. It would be nice to have a guy like that picking up lightweight blocking passes, or he could be a great third-person, better able to pick up critical first mistakes in short yardage stances only because of his size and strength. MacDonald punishes the manipulators. “

OK. Plenty to dump here, Jake.

First of all, just because Derek Henry, for example, was built like a narrow end, that doesn’t mean every narrow end could be Derek Henry.

Of course. Every now and then, you have a guy like Rod Bernstein Who made the switch from the narrow end to jogging with chargers in the 1990s. However, it was only two pounds heavier (235) than James Conner (233).

But I have to pull this example from the past because I can’t think of a lot of others who have done well since then. Especially if we don’t count the defenders.

And there is a reason for that. They are completely different skill sets and attitudes. Especially in today’s game. There is a difference between blocking a ledge at the melee line and capturing a mid-back or safety line.

I mean, you saw Eric Eberon Block, right? And you want this guy closer Ben Rothlesberger? While he’s trying to get to know who to pick up? and from where? As opposed to knowing who’s supposed to hit him right after a hijacker?

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no thanks!

And your friend, “Lance” MacDonald, is 267 pounds. Not 247 like Henry. I find it difficult to see “Lance” run out of interference and penetrate someone some distance around the edge.

Lance and Ebron go deep into their profession to make such a drastic change of attitude, don’t you think?

How do Steelers fit – and I’m just doing here – just draft or better sign backs?

Is that something you might be interested in?

Like me, John is angry at how much he gets lost Penalties not reported In the game Steelers Browns.

I don’t think I’ve seen such inconsistent (and weak) management as it has been this year. And believe me, that says a lot.

I think there should be 11 officials on the field, one for every player in attack. They will then be responsible for the matched defensive player. It will not fix administrators incompetence but may cancel missed calls.

It honestly makes it very difficult to watch a match anymore.

Right, John. But what makes the game more difficult to watch is the excessive number of flags. Especially from the officials who were looking to throw them just to keep up with the other 10 peers in the stripes on the field – in your scenario.

The already busy playing surface gets crowded With four other men Those who are not good at what they do is not the answer.

Demanding a comprehensive statement of more or fewer wrongdoings will not fix your anger level. It will only change what you are angry with.

What needs to happen is more consistency in the calls themselves. Let’s find a stable threshold for grabbing, passing tackles, and roughing the midfielder. And stand next to it.

Don’t call up a pause in the first quarter until you can satisfy some kind of fictional “stake” because – technically – you were right to whistle at an offensive line man in a hurry. But then ignore the blatant call that it financially affects the big wins.

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This is the issue NFL officials are now dealing with.

Thomas is not satisfied with the condition Domestic baseball team.

Over the course of my life, Pirates had some really bad teams, but in the old days they had at least a few outstanding players. Now, the organization appears to be thrilled to play a farm team lucky enough to be in MLB.

When you say “the good old days,” what do you mean exactly? Like, in the 1970s when they had Willie Stargill, Dave Parker, and Roberto Clemente?

Or the ’90s when they had Barry Bonds, Bobby Bonilla, Andy Van Slick, and Doug Drapek?

Or 2013-15 when they had Gerrit Cole, Andrew McCuchin, and Neil Walker?

Regardless, all of these teams feel like the “good old days” on my mind, I imagine them all playing in Exposition Park.

Mike curves in shape after a childish reaction from New York in the wake of the Philadelphia Eagles tank … oops … hmmm … ”Fade carelesslyTheir match against Washington ends Sunday night with the inclusion of third midfielder Nate Sudfield.

This loss sealed off NFC East of Washington and wiped out 6–10 Giants from the division title.

Agree, Mike. And I can’t help but think what it has to be like to be a fan of the Miami Dolphins on Sunday night, scrolling through all of New York’s intentions and grinding teeth on Twitter.

I mean, at 6–10, should Giants fans really preach about “How the game should play” just so their team can return as the worst NFL League winner?

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Meanwhile, if you are a Miami fan, your team has experienced a surprisingly strong turning season. But they were knocked out at 10-6 because the AFC was so deep their league was taking 13 wins in Buffalo.

But giants fans want to throw a pity party for themselves after they can’t catch the Washington 7-9 in their own league or the 8-8 Bears as the last wild card?

What a joke!

Finally, I got a quote from the bases police, specifically “Officer Boo”.

You don’t start a sentence with but !!!!!!! If you start a sentence with So, there must be a comma after SO !!!! Oh dear man of God …

First of all, boo, your score Not completely correct With the letter of the law. As a sports columnist, I am not indebted to the letter of the law anyway. Be it Grammar 101 or AP Method.

I stick to both of them as much as possible. But The goal is more to be a conversationalist than to write according to what will make me get an A + on my third grade report card.

Also, I’m sure 10 exclamations for two words break the rule. He also does ending that sentence with an ellipsis. As with raising a stand-alone word as a reference example without quotes around it as you did with “so” and “but.”

Moreover, we can argue whether your use of the word “god” should be capitalized and followed there by a comma.

ButWhy do you care? My hunch is that there are bigger issues in the world that need to be discussed now.

And thereforeBasically what I’m saying, Boo, is you can kiss … (fill in the ellipsis).

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