These are the three situations that can prevent you from entering the restaurant permanently

These are the three situations that can prevent you from entering the restaurant permanently

© These are the three situations that can prevent you from entering the restaurant permanently

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These three countries Portugal, Spain and France attract many European vacationers. For their landscape, their heritage, but also for their gastronomy. Thus, restaurants are filled during the summer and throughout the year. But once installed Tourists just have to beware ! Today in Photo Reports, we discuss situations to absolutely avoid at restaurants in these three highly touristy countries.

It is best to plan to leave a tip at some of the restaurants

A good attitude to follow in French, Spanish and Portuguese restaurants is tip. In fact, especially in France, no small part is left to the waiter Very poorly seen.

Recently, the Var Matin newspaper made some surprising discoveries. Its readers have discovered that many establishments in Saint-Tropez maintain a list of clients who honor this tradition. And in some restaurants of this famous seaside resort, we do not hesitate to do so Encourage tourists to leave important tips Although this service fee is already included in the bill.

Avoid soccer jerseys in Spain

In Spain, some restaurants ask their customers to be respectful Amazing instructions Not wearing a soccer jersey. It was the English newspaper “The Sun” that revealed this information. If you are going on vacation to Mallorca, make sure you put aside your passion for your favorite sport. Otherwise, you risk eating out.

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Fortunately, only the establishments of the Palma Beach brand impose this rule on tourists. But it is possible that others will follow this movement in the coming years. The aim is to prevent ardent fans of the most famous football teams from settling their scores after a meal with plenty of water.

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Restaurant owners reject people who want to eat alone

Another unofficial rule prohibits tourists from eating alone at a restaurant table. You could find yourself in this situation in these three countries. Why ? Because restaurateurs don’t want to “waste” a large table to set up one place. From their point of view, it is a loss of income. Indeed, when a table of two or four welcomes a customer, it is impossible to attribute it to others.

Unfortunately, many testimonies have revealed this practice, which is surprising to say the least, especially in Spain and Portugal. When you go to a restaurant by yourself to eat, you don’t expect to be rejected for that unexpected reason at all. But this refusal It can also concern couples who were denied tables of four or six. Again, some restaurants do everything they can to favor groups over singles or lovers.

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