The head of Xbox talks about the games that weren’t shown at Xbox Showcase 2023 | Xbox One

The head of Xbox talks about the games that weren’t shown at Xbox Showcase 2023 |  Xbox One

The Xbox Game Show was an opportunity for Microsoft to present many games, through a rich conference that clearly reassured gamers. Even if some highly anticipated titles aren’t in the game, Phil Spencer looks very confident for 2024, as he explains in his columns.

Phil Spencer doesn’t worry about the future

Interrogated on our strategy for the year 2024, with all the nominees prevus auxquels viendraient potentiellement s’ajouter les jeux d’Activision-Blizzard, the patron of Xbox dit ne pas avoir très peur, et explique pourquoi il n’est pas inquiet pour the future :

In fact, I’m not very afraid of 2024. 2022 was a tough year for us. But I guess waiting for some matches… Let’s take South Midnight. As you have seen, the game has been announced. This game was ready to be announced last year. But we thought we have to keep working on the game, let’s keep working on the ad. There is nothing wrong with delaying the announcement.

Take, for example, the revolution of the clock. When I was at E3 last year, I was inXile playing this game. I didn’t watch the video ad, I just played this game. And this year I returned to inXile, to play there again with this team, to browse the latest releases.

This gives me confidence, as we start announcing the game closer to its release date. We have our hands on the game, and we have faith in the games’ release date.

Xbox has several games in the works

Phil Spencer repeats over and over that 2022 hasn’t been a great year for AAA first-party game releases, but he’s confident in 2024 thanks to the creative power the company now has. trade mark.

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Xbox is now in a position to reap the rewards of its work over the past five years in particular its various acquisitions. There are still many games the brand hasn’t talked about, Spencer explains, pointing to projects from The Coalition and id Software as well as highly anticipated titles like Everwild or Perfect Dark:

When I look to the future… there are many things. We haven’t talked about what the identifier will do yet [ndlr : Software]. We haven’t talked about alliance projects yet. When will we see Perfect Dark again? And when will we see Everwild again? There’s a lot we’re still working on that we haven’t shown. I don’t like to be confident, but I like to be humble. I feel very satisfied with this wallet.

Obviously seeing Phil Spencer so confident is a very positive thing for gamers who have been desperately waiting for Xbox to unveil the games. We hope that this significant momentum will be confirmed with the launch of Starfield and Forza Motorsport towards the end of the year, and that the brand will be able to engage at a steady pace in 2024.

Xbox Game Pass will of course be one of Microsoft’s best assets, and you can actually find the list of upcoming Xbox Game Pass games at the end of 2023 and 2024 in our full article.

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