Konami’s Electronic Football Game Transformed

Konami’s Electronic Football Game Transformed

The long-awaited version 1.0.0 of eFootball 2022 has finally arrived. This is the update that Konami hopes will be able to bring fans back into the game and possibly even rivals in the big-name soccer games FIFA.

eFootball 0.9 . fail forgotten

Last September, the launch of this PES successor turned out to be a real fiasco. The product was not finished, and the franchise was harshly criticized by the entire community. Despite the move to Free-to-Play, the game has been downloaded quite a bit around the world. On the Steam platform, it was noted as the worst game in history. In short, it was hard to do worse.

So Konami rectified the situation. And not a little. The Japanese company admitted making a mistake without apologizing. And version 1.0.0, available as of Thursday on various platforms, is more successful. The game bears the name of the first season, which indicates that there will be more to come.

Online mode at the expense of offline mode

In this update, the focus was still on online game modes, such as “Dream Team”, which is the equivalent of FUT in FIFA. On the other hand, ‘offline’ is somewhat deprecated. For example, it is only possible to choose from 9 teams for a friendly match between friends. In addition, the duration of the match is limited (5 minutes), and the difficulty is limited to only two levels.

However, there will be updates in the future and we can imagine the game will be more complete over the weeks and months. The return of Masters League (Season Mode) is eagerly awaited by those who prefer playing offline.

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The most accomplished and enjoyable game

In terms of gameplay, several new features and a revamped game system allow for a more fluid gameplay that sticks to reality. We have also returned to the classic controls, which are more familiar to all players.

Ahead of the game’s launch on Thursday, Konami released a statement that seemed pleased with their work: “Based on feedback from our users, we have worked on bug fixes, tweaking the game balance and adding new elements to the game to make it more enjoyable for our users.”

According to the first comments from influencers and game specialists, the improvements are already in place and the game experience is more fun than it was during last September’s release.

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