Trudeau’s utopian Canada is collapsing

Trudeau’s utopian Canada is collapsing

Justin Trudeau is desperate. His ideal project of a post-national Canada collapses due to clashes between several Jewish and Muslim groups.

At Concordia University, pro-Israel and pro-Palestine students punched each other. Anti-Semitic acts are on the rise.

unbelievable! International conflicts were imported into Canada! How is this possible?

It’s very simple, minorities are directly connected to the media of their country of origin.

Arab and Israeli transgressions

Want to know what the Arab world really thinks about the conflict in Gaza? Read Andrew Mitrovica’s columns in the major Arab news agency Al Jazeera. The columnist, winner of numerous journalism awards, teaches journalism in Ontario at Sheridan College.

In these recent articles, on the front page of Al Jazeera, he wrote, for example, that Canada was “blatantly complicit in an apartheid state committing crimes against humanity.” That Canada is on Benjamin Netanyahu’s payroll. That the leaders of the US, UK, France and Canada are “sociopaths in suits.” One of the basic conditions for running a democracy is “the readiness, even the rashness, to order others, without a shadow of remorse or contrition, to kill innocent people.”

As for Israeli commentators, the Gaza war often boils down to a struggle for the survival of Israel and the West. In the Jerusalem Post, Douglas Altapev, director of an association that seeks to promote Zionism on campuses, wrote: “If the thought was that exposure to Western norms and civilization would change the tribal and theocratic behaviors of many urban Muslims among us then the awakening was brutal.” In other words, the Many Muslims are beyond salvation.

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Arab and Israeli immigrants engage with media that does not truly reflect the generally more balanced and neutral viewpoint of many Canadian media outlets.

One example among others

The conflict in Gaza is just one example of the conflicts that would tear apart Canada’s various minorities.

This is without taking into account the increasing interference of foreign governments in elections.

It is unfortunate that many political parties have chosen to pander to certain minorities, not only because these minorities comprise many voters, but also because they provide them with a large number of volunteers who are particularly useful at election time.

Justin Trudeau’s multicultural Canada is a Canada that cannot help but reflect the wars tearing the world apart.

The Canada that Trudeau dreamed of is being destroyed before his eyes. Its massive immigration policies turn it into a Tower of Babel because its migrants remain closely connected to the media and social networks of their country of origin.

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