Sexual Assault in the Military: “The Canadian Army Wants My Head” – Stephanie Raymond

Sexual Assault in the Military: “The Canadian Army Wants My Head” – Stephanie Raymond

Former Canadian Armed Forces Corporal Stephanie Raymond obtained justice in 2021 against her attacker, former Warrant Officer Andre Gagnon, after 10 years of struggle, heated proceedings, a failed investigation and court martial, in the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court.

Today, the former soldier, who has been quiet in the face of this story, agreed to speak candidly to director Gayle Dingelmar for the documentary. armed attack Which tracks its setbacks with the troops available on Vrai as of Tuesday.

During these 90 minutes, some of which are riveting and even disgusting, Stephanie Raymond, along with other victims who agreed to give themselves up, recounts her story and exposes the abhorrent culture of belittling sexual behavior in Canada. The military, just like this code of silence exists for the “so-called good of the troops.”

“It was a last resort for me to publicly denounce in the media,” Stephanie Raymond recalled during an interview with QMI. By pulling this joker card out of her sleeve, she saw that her case was taken seriously, in addition to starting the journalistic investigations that spread throughout the forces, especially in the magazine. News.

Ex-Corporal Stephanie Raymond and her therapy dove in the documentary “Armed Assault”, directed by Gaëlle d’Ynglemare and available on Vrai from October 17, 2023.

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Since then, “the military has done a lot of things to try to change the culture, but they’re just half-hearted attempts,” the former soldier says.

“Impunity is still very much present. It is not true that assault cases are automatically transferred to civilian criminal justice. It is still the military police and, very often, the military court is still there,” she added. “All the people who help in the crime, the cover-up and the revenge, always get away.” From punishment,” stressing that in her history, no one, except the assistant, bore responsibility for the intimidation and insult she was subjected to. After her conviction.

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“After all that, I don’t feel discouraged because I’m lucky that my story ended well. The fact that it was publicly known, to me, that means everything,” she continued.

Back to the event

On December 15, 2011, after a drunken Christmas party among soldiers, Ms.I Raymond asked him to follow him to the officers’ canteen to talk, but the man had other plans in mind…

For two weeks, the former soldier hesitated to file a complaint. When she finally decided, a descent into hell and revenge of all kinds followed. He resigned after two years to ask permission to leave the forces, and was eventually dismissed in disgrace and reprimand.

Thus, she lost her career, her social network and her reputation. She says that even today she suffers from chronic fatigue, short-term memory loss, and difficulty concentrating.

Excerpt from the military trial of the case between former corporal Stéphanie Raymond and her attacker, former adjutant André Gagnon, in the documentary “Armed Assault”, directed by Gaëlle d’Ynglemare and available on Vrai from 17 October 2023.

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the book

Just over a year ago, Éditions de l’Homme contacted the former corporal who now lives a peaceful civilian life to share her story.

“I agreed immediately. I had always wanted to write a book with this story, but I never seemed to have the courage or energy to delve into it again.” However, she said that the fact that she collaborated with journalist Claudie Coté, who covered part of the legal proceedings, removed a burden. Bigger than her shoulders.

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“I am completely satisfied with the result. The book is very easy to read for ordinary people, it is very popular and I think it can interest all ages,” she concluded.

“You’ll Write NON Up Front,” written by journalist Claudie Côté about Stephanie Raymond’s fight, will hit bookstores on October 18, 2023.

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armed attack Available on Vrai from Tuesday.
the book You will write no on your forehead It will hit shelves on Wednesday.

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