Toulouse. Martins Vieira: “Keep your feet on the ground”

Toulouse.  Martins Vieira: “Keep your feet on the ground”

The 24-year-old Portuguese left-back, one of Toulouse’s brightest men, does not want excitement despite the very good start to the season for Phoenix, which is expected today at home.

Goncalo, did you expect such a resounding start to the season from your team, which this morning ranks third in the championship?

I don’t think anyone really expected this start to the season. It’s very difficult to be consistent (6 wins in 7 matches, editor’s note) in Starligue but it’s fun to try because when you win, it’s always easier to integrate new players into the game plan. Next, we have to keep our feet on the ground because the only ‘big club’ we have met so far is Nantes, and it has gone very badly (24-34 defeat in Toulouse, editor’s note).

The fact that you haven’t committed any fouls against these teams at your fingertips is still a sending signal to the competition, right?

I don’t know if it’s a signal. Personally, I particularly remember finishing the tournament last season with a feeling of regret, thinking about those points left on the road against teams that were not superior to us. Every year at the end of the season we look at the rankings and say to ourselves: “Damn…if we had beaten so-and-so, we would have been ranked higher.” There, it’s great to start the season like this, but we also know that we will inevitably face more complicated periods. You have to stay alert, maintain this strength and this state of mind.

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The first is against San Rafael this evening…

It would be nice to finish this set of four games with a fourth win but we are very wary of this team who beat us twice at home last season (the Championship and the French Cup, editor’s note) and who led us by eight goals here before that. We will not defeat him with difficulty (33-32).

On a personal level, you had a series of fantastic performances in two matches, scoring nine goals each, which is your record. Do you think you are going through the best period of your career?

Yes, it is without a doubt the best start to a season in my career but I hope it continues for a little longer (smiles). I am starting my fourth season here and it is natural for me to assume my responsibilities. I try to erase mistakes as I develop. Mentally, I manage matches better and focus more during matches as well. We train well and work a lot and it seems very natural for me to progress. My personal performance is above all the result of very well developed team play.

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