iOS 16 and macOS 13: Big and Small Changes Expected at WWDC22

iOS 16 and macOS 13: Big and Small Changes Expected at WWDC22

One week before WWDC22, we are still unknown about the new features of future operating systems that Apple will not fail to bring to us. McGorman Bloombergstays the stray he was able to collect behind the scenes, there are some worthwhile little things which he collects in his book the news Sunday.

on the side of theiOS 16Away The screen is always on iPhone 14 Pro and Revised and Improved Lock Screen, Expect Notifications to Fade (Focus Mode should be Take advantage of improvements). The Messages app will integrate more functionality of the “social network” type, particularly with regard to voice messages (perhaps inspired by chat rooms in club house ?).

The Health app should also receive some new features, even if it’s not an iPad and Mac (snif) adaptation. ” Lots of new jobs It will work in tandem with the Apple Watch – says Gurman, without specifying from his side. WWDC Keynote will be the surprise!

Watch OS 9 It will also have the right to make changes in the dials, which is the “low consumption” mode Will appearNavigation can also be improved (is he talking about plan routes?).

tvOS 16 It would fit more in the connected home, again without Gorman saying more. for macOS 13We can expect a redesign of some apps as well as a new interface (finally!) for System Preferences. Settings will be organized by app, as in iOS.

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