This week in theaters – Zickma

This week in theaters – Zickma
  • The only castle in the mirror (Eurozoom) Keiichi Hara’s new animated movie yet Summer with Kou (40.4 K), Colorful (12.4 K), Miss Hokusai (75.4 K) and Wonderland people without rain (90.5 thousand). The movie is based on the novel of the same name by Mizuki Tsujimura.

One fine day, the mirror in Kokoro’s room started to sparkle. As soon as the little girl touches it, she finds herself in an enormous castle worthy of a fairy tale. There, a mysterious girl wearing a wolf mask challenges him. She has one year to accomplish this and thus fulfill her wish. Only Kokoro is not alone: ​​six other teens have the same goal as her.

  • Visions (SND) Yann Gozlan’s new feature yet captives (42.3 K), Perfect man (670.3 K), Burnt (146.2 K) and black box (1.18 m).

Estelle, a proven airline pilot, leads an idyllic life between two long haul flights with Guillaume, her loving and protective husband. One day, by chance, in the airport corridor, she meets Anna, the photographer with whom she had an affair twenty years before. Estelle is far from imagining that this meeting will lead her into a nightmarish spiral and turn her life into an irrational state…

  • Tony with the family (StudioCanal) New feature by Nathan Ambrosoni After the paper flags (7.8 k).

Antonia, better known as Tony, is raising her five children single-handedly. full time job. She also sings in the evenings, in the pubs, because you have to feed your family well. Tony has talent. You have recorded a hit song. But that was 20 years ago. Today two seniors are preparing to enter the university. So Toni wonders: What will she do when all her children leave home? At 43, is there still time to take control of your life?

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  • Anti squat (Diavana Distribution) New feature post by Nicholas Selhaul Big company (254.5 thousand).

Enas is threatened with eviction from her home along with her 14-year-old son, Adam. While looking for work, she is placed under probation at Anti-Squat, a company that houses people in unoccupied offices to protect them from squatters. Its role: recruiting the population and imposing very strict regulations. Ennis is willing to do anything to get a job and deal with Adam. But how far will you go?

  • inside (KMBO) Bishal Dutta horror movie.

Sam, a quiet teenager, witnesses a terrifying supernatural phenomenon at her school. Her best friend is the first victim. She will be next, if what is imprisoned manages to escape…

very important

  • red sky (Les Films Du Losange) new feature by Christian Petzold next Identity verification (4.4 K), Jericho (4.7 K), Let’s go (1.7 k), Barbara (291.9 K), Phoenix (192.6 kilos), Crossing (36.6 K) and undine (45 thousand).

Small holiday home on the Baltic Sea. The days are hot and it hasn’t rained for weeks. Four young people, old and new friends, meet. The dry forests around them begin to ignite, and so do their feelings. Happiness, lust and love, but also jealousy, resentment and tensions. Meanwhile, forests are burning. And very quickly, the flames are there.

  • wasteland (Bodega Films) a new feature film by Ahmed Bahrami after Barren city Released on August 2.

Somewhere in the Iranian desert, a brick factory is forced to shut down due to economic constraints. Different employees blame the strike very differently. The supervisor, Lotfallah, plays the role of mediator between the employer and the workers. Born on site, he never left the factory premises. He will try to accompany the various members of society – especially the beautiful Sarvar, whom he is secretly in love with.

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  • Autumn in Great Yarmouth (Damn Distribution) New feature for Marco Martins yet Alice (2.9 k) f Saint George (8.6 k).

October 2019, in Great Britain, three months before Brexit. Tania organizes work, transportation and accommodation for Portuguese migrant workers at a poultry factory in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Floating in a world where buildings are crumbling and working conditions for slaughterhouse workers are particularly harsh, Tanya is learning English while dreaming of one day opening a hotel for aging tourists.

  • field of possibilities (Optimal Distribution) Feature by Ali Mauritania.

Daniel, 40, was suspended from his duties as a police officer after making a fatal mistake. He then focuses on a hypothetical relationship with a mysterious person he has never met before. When she stops answering his text messages, he decides to travel thousands of miles to find her…

  • Temple Woods gang The Alchemists, a new film by Rabah Amer Zaimish Wich what’s going on (69 thousand), Blade number one (68 kilos), post makis (28.8 K), Mandrill Songs (14.3 K), Judas story (28.7 K) and South station (3.2 k).

A retired soldier who lives in the working-class neighborhood of the Bois du Temple. While burying his mother, his neighbor Bibi, who belongs to a group of gangsters from the city, is about to rob the convoy of a wealthy Arab prince…

  • Little imagination (KMBO) Animated short films by different directors.

A program of 5 short films specially designed by L’Archipel des Lucioles and Little KMBO as part of their “Kindergarten in Cinema” scheme.
program : kids time By Nina Pecerina (Russia, 2014, 6 minutes, French version):
As it snows and the night falls, funny animals visit a little boy and his grandfather.
sand By Jo D. Samuelson (Canada, 1995, 13 min., VF):
Teddy needs a home! Two children imagine a wide space for their soft toy. But it is not easy to protect a wild animal. nor to preserve a corner of nature…
The world is inverted By Hind Esmat and Lamia Diab (UK, 4’54, 2018, silent):
Today, adults do not act like adults. Now mom is sleeping in the stroller, and dad is skiing! Kids will have plenty on their plate to take care of their parents.
Sparrows are little pigeons By Nina Pecerina (Russia, 2008, 5 minutes, French version):
It’s a sad winter’s day, it’s very cold. But with close observation, the little boy sees wonderful colors and animals…
gauntlet By Roman Kachanov (Russia, 1967, 10 minutes, silent):
A little girl’s red glove has turned into an adorable puppy that accompanies her everywhere. Amidst the freshly fallen snow, the two friends take part in a race organized by the neighborhood kids. At the end of the day, will the little dog be a simple mitten again?

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  • Jawan (Friday Entertainment) Hindi film written by Atlee Kumar

Jawan is an intense suspense thriller that follows the emotional journey of a man who is ready to right society’s wrongs.

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