Things have been heating up in OM’s locker room!

Things have been heating up in OM’s locker room!

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Things have been heating up in OM’s locker room!

Posted on Feb 28, 2023 at 7:00 pm

When I was young, I promised myself that I would have a job that would go along with football. I soon realized that my feet wouldn’t be enough to take me where I wanted until the press was clear.

Disappointing last Sunday against Paris Saint-Germain, Nuno Tavares didn’t get along with his coach who put him on the right side, a left-hander. Igor Tudor, OM coach, would blame him for his lack of investment and mood swings. Even the Croatian technician would have had to re-frame him in the first half of the match against Toulouse… before Tavares scored.

last SundayO.M strongly leaned against Paris Saint-Germain (0-3). Because of the small physical discomfort to Jonathan Klaus, Igor Tudor chose to Nuno Tavares On the right flank, an option that did not bear fruit. not defensively inspired, Tavares He wasted a particularly great opportunity to open the scoring early in the game. Turning point in the meeting sinceO.M Soon he conceded Kylian Mbappe’s first goal.

Igor Teodor did not let Nuno Tavares go

According to newspaper information the teamIgor Tudor He will always be on his back Nuno Tavares. He was a team coachO.M Sometimes he criticizes him for lack of investment and loss of focus, as in Montpellier Where he got a pretty much avoidable red card like Marseille Dominate the end game. You sleep Layer when moving to Toulouse.

He clipped it in the first half of the match in Toulouse

On the court, OM left with the three points andR Nuno Tavares Scored his sixth goal of the season. But before thatIgor Tudor He had to raise his voice. the team It shows that at halftime break of this match (Toulouse led 1-0), the Croatian technician had cropped up Nuno Tavares. What follows is a more consistent second period with an extra goal by the Portuguese left press. Tavares According to the recipe, all he has to do is apply it until the end of the season. And as a reminder, he was loaned out before Arsenal No purchase option.

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