Windows and video games, the DirectX 12 update boosts performance!

Windows and video games, the DirectX 12 update boosts performance!

DirectX 12 API update will improve performance under Windows and more specifically in video games. Allows the processor and graphics card to simultaneously access VRAM (Video Random Access Memory).

VRAM is a component of the graphics card. It is private and specifically intended for certain businesses such as video games, graphics processing, and others. Simultaneous CPU and GPU access is a big change. So far only one or the other can access it, and hang the second automatically. Synchronization was not possible which could lead to bottlenecks and performance losses.

With this update, Microsoft DirectX 12 API corrects the situation. Our binary can work more efficiently and in parallel in some cases. With programs with high graphics requirements such as games, a noticeable improvement in performance is to be expected.

Windows and the GPU Upload Heaps feature

This advancement has a name: GPU Upload Heaps which works in conjunction with Resizable-BAR. It should preferably use DirectX 12 addresses while minimizing the use of computer memory, RAM. Advance is part of the Agility SDK, Microsoft’s software development kit that’s supposed to help developers create apps for Windows platforms.

As the volume of data exchanged between the graphics card and the processor is constantly increasing, the GPU load heaps must prove to be more and more influential. For now, be careful because we don’t have details on the potential performance gains.

Note that Resizable bar A feature that allows Windows to directly access the VRAM (Video Random Access Memory) of the graphics card and use it more efficiently. In AMD we find the contraction of SAM for Intelligent access memory Similar technology but designed for use with their respective CPUs and GPUs.

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GPU Upload Heaps are already supported by Nvidia and Intel drivers. For AMD, you have to ask.

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