Windows 11 and 10, how to check if your computer supports DirectStorage?

Windows 11 and 10, how to check if your computer supports DirectStorage?

DirectStorage API was launched a year ago now. It targets Windows 11 and Windows 10 PCs with the promise of making games load faster. Is your computer compatible?

DirectStorage is a newer technology. Launched in March 2022, it has evolved since then improving its compatibility and enabling GPU decompression support.

Microsoft DirectStorage API 1.1

Its goal is to allow developers direct data interactions between the GPU, VRAM, or even storage. The benefits are multiple, especially in the field of video games with faster loading times.

The API is compatible with Windows 11 and Windows 10, and if a flash unit compatible with the NVMe protocol was fundamentally necessary, then support for the AHCI protocol was added in addition to support for the good old hard disks.

It is likely that many Windows gamers were not even aware of its existence. Why ? Its use is still rare and at the time of writing it is supported by only one title, Forspoken.

DirectStorage, is my computer compatible?

It is very easy to see if its configuration is able to take advantage of DirectStorage. Just go to the game bar in the operating system (WIN + G) and then open the settings (“cogwheel” icon on the top right).

Then in the menu select “Game Features”. It remains only to check if DirectStorage is supported.

In our case, the GPU is compatible and we have support for the latest version. You’ll also find a summary of the different discs out there, whether or not they’re compatible.

The information is useful. You can use it to select the fastest drive for installing your games because the faster it is, the better DirectStorage performance.

Finally, note that there is no option to enable or not activate this technology. It is there or not, it all depends on the materials used. We must also not forget that the game must be compatible. Otherwise, even if the computer supports it, it will not be of any use.

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