The world’s favorite travel destination is…

The world’s favorite travel destination is…

Dubai is a destination that blends modern culture, history, adventure, entertainment and first class shopping. Catch a performance at the Dubai Opera House, gaze out over the heart of the city from the top of the Burj Khalifa, and spend an afternoon on the banks of the Dubai River exploring the gold, textile, and fabric souks. If you’re looking for a thrill, soar over sand dunes in a hot air balloon, take a high-speed ride at IMG Worlds of Adventure or skydive off Palm Jumeirah”-You can read the description of the city on the famous American website.

The city of the United Arab Emirates is ahead of Bali (Indonesia) and London. While Rome and Paris complete the top five, ten European cities round out the top twenty-five, while the UK, Italy, Spain, Thailand, Mexico and Egypt are the countries most represented with two cities.

Full order:

1- Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

2 – Bali (Indonesia)

3. London (United Kingdom)

4 – Rome (Italy)

5- Paris (France)

6- Cancun (Mexico)

7- Crete (Greece)

8 – Marrakesh (Morocco)

9. Dominican Republic

10- Istanbul (Turkey)

11 – Playa del Carmen (Mexico)

12- Barcelona (Spain)

13 – New Delhi (India)

14- Hurghada (Egypt)

15- Madrid (Spain)

16 – Phuket (Thailand)

17 – Hanoi (Vietnam)

18. Cairo (Egypt)

19. Florence (Italy)

20- Lisbon (Portugal)

21 – Edinburgh (United Kingdom)

22 – Bangkok (Thailand)

23- New York (USA)

24 – Doha (Qatar)

25 – Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

The mysterious heart of the Balkans

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