More patients have been saved thanks to this new AI

More patients have been saved thanks to this new AI


  • Every year in France, 150,000 people have a stroke, more than 110,000 are hospitalized and 30,000 die from it, according to the Ministry of Health and Prevention.
  • Stroke leads to brutal symptoms such as sudden loss of vision, limb movement, difficulty speaking, or balance problems.

During a stroke, every minute counts, and artificial intelligence is a great help for patients.

AVC: A technology that reduces diagnostic time by more than one hour

In fact, the system developed by an Oxford-based company is called Brainomix e-Stroke, reduces the diagnosis by more than an hour and allows the most appropriate treatment to be quickly selected. It has been used in 111,000 suspected stroke cases in the UK and has significantly increased the rate of patients experiencing mild disability or disability after a stroke. Thus, this number increased from 16 to 48%.

Every minute saved during the initial in-hospital assessment of people with symptoms of stroke significantly improves a patient’s chances of leaving the hospital in good health.He confirmed In a press release Dr Timothy Ferris, Director of Transformation within the UK Public Health System (NHS).

In fact, For every minute that elapses after a stroke (an artery in the brain becomes blocked in 80% of cases), approximately 2 million brain cells die, with the risk of irreversible damage and severe disability.

Brain Attack: This AI helps prevent the aftermath of a stroke

The platform helps doctors interpret brain scans and allows them to share images with specialists around the world who can access them remotely.

Carol Wilson, Teaching Assistant, announce that with the rapid diagnosis and treatment she received thanks to technology, she was able to reassure her loved ones by text message on the same day and she was “Back home and able to walk two days after suffering a stroke“.

E-Stroke is now used in more than 330 hospitals in more than 30 countries and has tripled the number of stroke patients, like Carol Wilson, who have achieved functional independence.

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