Building Permit Review (movie 2022)

Building Permit Review (movie 2022)

Didier Bourdon and Anne Consigne are trying to create a little corner of paradise in Corsica in their “Permis de Construction,” which is no small feat. A comedy by and with Eric Fracticelli, which ends better than it begins…

Building Permit : missed the departure of Corsica

The debut of comedian Eric Fraccielli, also known as Bedouin, It doesn’t start in a reassuring way. In a dental clinic, a framework that couldn’t be less snare, Roman (Didier Bourdon) to the notary. He learns of the death of his father, with whom he has been at odds for years, and discovers that he has inherited a huge piece of land in Corsica.

His partner Cécile (Anne Conciny) sees it as an opportunity to build a vacation home and escape the hustle and bustle of Parisian life. A classic starting point that promises a luxurious summer for two on Beauty Island. Things get complicated for the feature film when Roman offers his colleague and friend Victor (Laurent Gamelon) to summon the architect Müller.

Building Permit © Warner Bros.

Played by Karl Lagerfeld with a particularly strong German accent, this vulgar player Simon Abkaryan is undoubtedly one of the most delightfully embarrassing elements in Building Permit. A few minutes later, Philip Corte’s debut as a Portuguese construction worker in T-shirts capable of making one feel nostalgic for the “Vodka Connecting People” era follows the theatrical works of the excellent actor of Kabul Kitchen. Before that, to announce the arrival of the two continents to Corsica, the postcard footage with a drone against a background of traditional music had just finished stirring up trouble in the minds of onlookers.

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Treat the characters with kindness

After such a complex exhibition, Eric Fraccili finally seemed capable He enjoys photographing his characters while immersing himself in the MaknaThe art of making typical Corsican jokes. By responding to these traits of humor, he makes use of the utterly wary reactions of Didier Bourdon, who excels at the art of thwarting annoyance by whispering murderous comments that he has a secret.

After a clash of cultures between the residents of the small village of Palany and a Parisian couple, the director and actor develop friendships, Geared more toward tenderness rather than comedy. He also lends his features to Santu, a bar/grocery owner who helps Romain with his venture out of friendship with his father, who apparently ends up bonding with the son.

Building Permit
Building Permit © Warner Bros.

story adventures

The few encounters between Didier Bourdon and minor characters provide sometimes successful sequences, beginning with those involving the butler played by Jean-Francois Perrone. But the duo with Eric Fracticelli quickly takes over to deliver a narrative script that doesn’t seem to captivate them any more, much like the fantastic setting of the feature film, which is soon overshadowed by angry faces and laughter.

The outcome of this story does not matter much because the viewer knows it from the beginning. And the few scenes that work just aren’t enough to put them in the background. As for real estate masks, they are far from the level of who they areHut to break everything, do not care about any symmetry, like the house that rotates according to the rotation of the sun that Muller ridiculously thinks. Harmless ideas in the serviceComedy is pretty much dispensable He is just as much.

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Building Permit by Eric Fraccelli, in theaters at March 9, 2022. over the trailer. Find all of our trailers here.

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